August 7, 2022
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Why a Video Transcript is So Important

video transcriptVideo transcript, it’s a phrase that doesn’t often appear in SEO, but it’s very important. You see, videos, audio, and images are like a “hole” in the internet. Search engines can’t watch, listen, or view them. They’re just something attributed to a file upload and nothing really more.

It’s not unlike social media. Sure, there’s a benefit to being on those networks, like Google+, but if you don’t use them properly, the entire exercise is for naught.

But when you add a video transcript to the mix, you add an interpretation. It’s the only way that Google and Bing know what that particular file is all about. Otherwise, it has very little optimization value, aside from it being a traffic builder, which can be a benefit. That is, if there’s a call-to-action that actually compels people to act. In fact, its similar to blogging. While updating a site with new content is important, what’s really important to your business is people are discovering it or coming back again.

The SEO Factors

One of the biggest misconceptions about video is they’ll drive traffic to a site simply because of their nature. But that’s not the case, especially if there’s no link to click to send people from the hosting site to your own. In addition, a video transcript has to be have information the viewer can’t get from watching and listening.

And that brings up another misnomer. Yes, a transcription will tell search engines what the file is all about, but the majority of people won’t read it; they’ll just click play. Dovetailing with this point is not diversifying your keywords. There has to be semantics added to the mix in order for the transcript to provide optimum value.

Since Google cannot look at a video and understand its content per se, associating a text transcript with your videos is a great tool to let the search engines – and video sites such as YouTube – get a better read of your video content. —

What this means is at the very top of your transcript video, there has to be something of worth, something intriguing so viewers will want to engage. This is where giving away something for nothing works quite well.Or, it could be another type of call-to-action. Whatever you decide, it has to be something different than what the video has to offer or add value to the contents of the uploaded A/V file.

Using a Video Transcript for SEO

The problem in using a video with transcript is while it does inform search engines about the content, it won’t likely be read by viewers. The solution, stated above, is to give those viewers a reason for doing something.

Another problem is actually getting that text to be accurate. If you use a video transcript software, you’ll likely find deficiencies. There’s bound to be problems with the interpretation, causing grammar errors. So, here’s some tips for writing a good, effective transcript video:

  • Hook the viewer from the beginning. Include something right at the top of the video with transcript that won’t be in the A/V file itself. If you do this, it will give viewers a reason to click away once they’ve finished watching. Remember, it has to have value, not be a gimmick.
  • Don’t mix and match. It’s better to write a transcript that is a script. What I mean by this is write down what will be spoken in the video, then have the individual in the video read it. Of course, this will take a bit of acting skill, and it will require someone who can read the copy aloud without looking as though they are reading.
  • Keep it short and sweet. The most effective videos are about two minutes in length. So, that’s all you really need. Get to the point and deliver on the title. If you don’t the video itself won’t do a thing to benefit your business.
  • Think people first, marketing second. Like content marketing, if you put your audience first, you’ll be further ahead. People appreciate it when you do and recoil when you don’t.

The bottom line is, every time your company uploads one, it should have the maximum impact and a well-written transcript will certainly help.

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