November 5, 2022
boring industry exciting content

Creating Boring Industry Exciting Content

Learn some effective methods for creating boring industry exciting content to make your business brand stand out from the competition…

Creating exciting content for boring industries is a challenge. Some industries are plain, humdrum, and uninteresting. Although, it’s still possible to create brand shareable content, even if the industry itself lacks pizzazz.

Why Boring Industries need Exciting Content

Just a few years ago, Chartbeat conducted a study which revealed visitors read only about 60 percent of content, abandoning the remaining 40 percent. Yet, a full 70 percent of marketers report they will increase their content production next year over last year, according to the B2B Content Marketing: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America report.

No matter your product, service or industry, you must start with your own unique voice and tone. If you sound like everyone else, buyers have no reason to pay you any interest. It is so important to think bigger than your product or service. Find out how you can truly impact your buyers’ lives and run with it. Your audience will be more than willing to pause and take a look. — HubSpot (Source)

This is necessary because creating more content helps to increase blog social shares, exposing a brand to a larger and larger audience. One reason readers don’t go through content entirely is due to an endless competition for attention. Add to it our fast-paced, sound-bite, scroll through lifestyles, and it’s little wonder why readers do not consume every bit.

Skillfully Creating Boring Industry Exciting Content

This presents a bigger obstacle to overcome when it comes to crafting content for a mundane industry. But the good news is, there are only a few truly dull industries. It’s really all about approach. Here are some helpful suggestions for how to creating exciting content for a boring industry and to get more blog readers:

  • Trigger an emotion. Happiness, adoration, concern — these and other emotions stir curiosity. By initializing an emotion, with words and images, you’re already engaging readers. Carry the emotion through the first lines so they want to know more.
  • Make fun of pop culture. One of the greatest television sitcoms did this regularly and as a result, we all know it’s signature bass guitar intro riff. Seinfeld routinely poked fun at pop culture. The Simpsons and South Park, ditto. It works because it exposes how unserious pop culture often is.
  • Create an interesting list. A wonderful trick is to create an interesting list, one which grabs attention immediately. Some of the best examples put seemingly random items together, combining commonalities with differences.
  • Share unusual or scary facts. Both unusual and scary facts quickly pique interest. It’s the reason public service ads contain frightening statistics, facts, and figures. It also helps people to learn and sticks in their memories.
  • Put a peculiar spin on the ordinary. It doesn’t have to rise to the Twilight Zone level, but it must have the same components. Mixing something peculiar with an ordinary scenario makes content interesting to read.

Of course, humor is always a great method of spicing up content for a boring industry. Root it in truth and push the envelope so it will work as it should.

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