January 27, 2022
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Does Combining Offline and Online Marketing Strategies Produce Desired Results?

Here are some key considerations for effective offline and online marketing you should know…

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The online market has grown significantly over the past few years. That also means that there are more businesses operating online than ever before and that the competition is much fiercer as well. The fact of the matter is that the digital world has developed so much that the majority of modern businesses focus solely on digital marketing and online activities.

This resulted in traditional marketing methods being almost completely neglected. However, it’s not about traditional marketing losing its effectiveness. In fact, experts have argued over the death of traditional marketing for decades now, yet traditional marketing is still a very powerful method for getting your messages out there, at least for businesses that still use traditional means.

In a world where the online market is overcrowded and filled with noise that’s difficult to cut through, can traditional marketing be the answer for businesses to truly stand out? The truth is that neither digital nor traditional marketing can claim victory as being the most effective method on their own. On the other hand, combining these two can produce quite interesting and beneficial results. Here’s how that can be achieved.

Offline Customers are Important

One thing that is certain in the business world is that every customer counts. When profitability and bottom lines are involved, online businesses focus on having as many customers as possible. But what about the offline customers? The fact of the matter is that many businesses today don’t bother with offline consumers.

They are hell bent on digital efforts that they forget that not everyone is online at all times. Ignoring offline consumers, no matter how small their numbers may be, still means lost sales and every lost sale could’ve been a possible competitive advantage. What’s more, it’s not that offline customers never go online. In fact, they do but in order to engage them, you have to use traditional means to reach out to them. Speaking of engagement, even online customers go offline every now and then.

In order to hold their interest, businesses would benefit from continuing to engage these consumers even when they’re not online. That being said, traditional marketing can be a fine asset to your omni-channel campaign. In other words, if you extend your digital marketing campaign to include traditional marketing you can engage customers both offline and online with your messaging at all times.

Don’t Forget Search Rankings

Today, the online market is highly competitive and over-saturated with businesses, as well as their messaging. Online businesses, therefore, leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in an attempt to cut through the noise and become more visible, as well more accessible to consumers online. It’s no secret that SEO is considered more mandatory than optional now.

However, before businesses can have a proper swing at the entire online market, they must become well-

search ranking

known at their local one. In other words, local SEO is just as important as the rest of your SEO efforts. Local SEO already incorporates various traditional factors.

As an example, you must have a phone number, which means you will have to consider phone systems for small business so that consumers know how to contact you to get informed. Also, you must provide a location, address, open hours, directions and so on. This information is provided on online business listings. If you go a step further to include such information via traditional marketing means, such as direct mail, billboards, newspaper ads etc. you can boost your local visibility even more.

Brand Awareness

The purpose of marketing is to generate awareness and exposure for a business and encourage consumers to explore the offers a business provides. The more awareness, visibility and exposure a business favors, the more successful it becomes. No one can deny the effectiveness and the ability of digital marketing to drive viable results when it comes to exposure and awareness.

However, there’s no reason to ignore the same ability traditional marketing has either. As mentioned before, the fierce competition on the online market may force businesses to look for a way to gain a competitive advantage in any way possible. This is especially true when you’re up against better-funded and well-developed companies on the market.

By combining both the digital and the traditional marketing efforts, you can engage customers on every step of their journey and establish not just a meaningful relationship with them, but also ensure their trust. In the end, it comes down to making your brand more visible than the others so that consumers are more likely to do business with you rather than with your competitors.

Offline and Online Promotions

Digital and traditional marketing methods complement each other quite well. When it comes to driving desired results from your combined efforts, it comes down to proper strategizing. The best way to drive results is to know what you need so that you can combine two seemingly different marketing worlds into a single effective strategy. For instance, you can capture the interest of your offline consumers and lead them online and vice versa.

promotionsA good example is leveraging social media to promote an offline networking event or using direct mail and specialized discounts to encourage offline customers to buy from your online store. In any event, the success of your efforts come down to how you plan them out. If you’re willing to make an effort and dedicate both time and resources into a joint campaign, you can drive almost any result you wish and ensure that your business benefits in more ways than one.

In a primarily digital world we live today, traditional marketing seems like it lost its charm. However, traditional marketing can still be a very powerful method if used properly. While so-called experts argue which method is better and why, you can use the opportunity to leverage the best of both worlds and outrun competitors before they even realize what’s happening.

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