September 15, 2022
social media and blogging

Don’t Forget Social When Setting Up Your Blog

social media and bloggingMany businesses have embraced the concept of blogging to get out information about their products and services, and with good reason. This is a great way to connect with and provide information to existing and potential customers.

However, it’s important that companies take care when establishing systems for using social media, like Twitter or Facebook, to spread their message. People and businesses that use devices such as tablets or smartphones must be able to access and share your valuable content, or you will end up throwing money away and losing connections.

In order to ensure that your message is reaching your tech-savvy targets through social shares, here are some pitfalls to avoid.

Keep Customers From Sliding Away

It may be clever to use a sliding social button on your company website, but keep in mind that these are not visible on many mobile devices. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them at all; just be sure you have other buttons within the text, so mobile users can access and share your information. Take the time to add additional buttons to ensure ease of use.

If adding more social buttons seems too much trouble, try having one set of social buttons at the same spot on each page. Mid Atlantic BX has social buttons at the same spot on every landing page. This placement makes it easy for visitors of your site to follow your social platforms. If you make it easy to share, your readers will be more likely to do so.

Take Care With Social Share Buttons

Another thing to think about when it comes to making things easy is to be sure your social share buttons are properly set up. They should include both the URL address and name of the article you are promoting. Otherwise, you are forcing a potentially interested party to go back and forth copying and pasting the title in order to share it.

Readers who have to do extra work just to share your content may decide not to. Make sure things are set up right from the beginning in order to make sharing easier.

While you’re at it, make sure your company’s Twitter handle is tweeted with both the URL and article title as well. Doing so makes things easier for your business to quickly and easily get out the information you are promoting.

Make Sure Mobile Apps Work

It’s possible to design a mobile version of your company’s website, or to use an app that recreates pages specifically for mobile users. This is always a good idea, but if you opt for this route, make sure that social buttons are still usable. Sometimes these pages can’t pick up the code for social buttons, and you will lose sharing capability.

Be sure to test out any mobile page or app before approving its use. You don’t want to have this system backfire on you after you’ve taken the time to implement it.

Share Articles and Not Social Accounts

Social share buttons that entice readers to share an article should always lead to that article, not the social account of your company’s website. This is a surefire way to frustrate your website viewers. It will come off that your company wants to gain followers, instead of providing them with the information they are seeking.

If somebody wants to follow your company’s website, give them the option of doing so themselves. Remember, the goal is making it easy to share, instead of adding unnecessary steps or confusion.

It takes time, energy and money for businesses to create great content for their blogs. If you’re going to the trouble to do this, make sure you do it right and make it easy for your information to be shared.

It all boils down to ease of use when it comes to social shares and drawing more readers and potential customers. By avoiding these common mistakes, you are more likely to connect with readers and encourage social shares.

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