December 9, 2021
effective Facebook marketing tactics

Effective Facebook Marketing Tactics

Learn the most effective Facebook marketing tactics to use for your business to gain a larger organic audience, get more likes, shares, leads, and sales…

It’s important to know the most effective Facebook marketing tactics because of the social network’s reach. With 1.65 billion active monthly users and 1.09 billion active daily users, it provides an incredibly sized audience. Users spend an average of just over 20 minutes per day on the platform, accounting for a full 6 percent of all user digital consumption time, including 100 million hours of daily video views. Such impressive figures clearly demonstrate why successful businesses are active on Facebook, promoting their brands.

Effective Facebook Marketing Tactics

To be an effective marketing practice, businesses need holistic, high quality content to attract new customers and engage existing customers. It must offer useful information, whether it’s a step-by-step guide, content explaining a service or product, or about a particular situation. For instance, “How to Do X,” “What is Y and Why is it Important?” and “Do I Really need Z?” At its core is interesting and actionable content. If these don’t exist in your content, it will not drive conversions from Facebook to your site or cause consumers to make calls.

You can write the greatest novel in the world, but if nobody ends up reading your book, what purpose does it serve? The same holds true for marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs who are attempting to promote their brands on Facebook. If you run a business Facebook page, you have likely run into the problem of reaching a limited number of users, despite creating compelling content. If you want your content to be seen, shared and talked about, you’re certainly not alone. —

To take advantage of the fact there are 167 million active daily users in the United States and Canada, your business must leverage the network in the best way possible. But this doesn’t mean only using the platform itself, it also means employing other tactics to get even more from Facebook. For instance, conspicuously placing social media icons on your website and in all your business blog articles. Also, every email you send should contain links to your social media profiles. Here are some more effective Facebook marketing tactics to use for your business to gain a larger organic audience, get more likes, shares, leads, and sales:

  • Create compelling content. As mentioned previously, you need interesting and useful content to promote your business effectively. Specific situations, how-to, and about content regarding products and services works very well. Do this regularly and consistently with long articles, combined with a variety of short posts citing quick facts and statistics. Be sure to include a quality image each and every time so it’s noticeable and enticing.
  • Offer something for nothing. This ubiquitous advice is actually good because it does work to grow your audience and increase brand engagement. A contest for a giveaway will pique interest and cause users to act. But, if it isn’t worthwhile, it won’t work well. For the best results, announce it well before the entry deadline and be sure to continually promote it.
  • Pay-to-play and repeat. It’s no secret why the social network is free to use. The social platform makes money by selling its marketing power in a number of ways. Don’t fret over forking over a few bucks to make the platform work for your business. In fact, a case study reveals spending just $5 to boost a post will return a remarkable amount of reach.
  • Post when traffic is highest. Put this in the “obvious” category, but it bears including because it’s so important. Every business is different but when you pay-to-play, you’ll be spending very little to get a whole lot in return. You’ll see firsthand what days and times your content receive the most views and interactions. In addition, you’ll learn what type of content works best.
  • Target your audience. Okay, so let’s also put this in the “obvious” category, but too many businesses do not take the time to carve out a niche audience, opting for the shotgun approach. Not targeting is a waste of time, effort, and money. The network provides businesses with a wealth of choices and recommendations, so use these to your advantage.

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