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Effective Steps to Promote Your App

promote your app

Learn the most effective steps to take to promote your app to market your brand and increase its exposure to a larger audience…

Apps are very popular because of their convenience, ease of use, and purpose fulfillment. In fact, there are more than 2.2 million apps offered through Google Play, ranging from gaming, to entertainment, to social media, and to business applications.

With such fierce competition, marketing your app is a real challenge. Even if your app is truly unique, it’s still a tall task to make it stand out from millions of others. What’s more, your app must perform to user expectations when downloaded. To get there, you need to take effective steps to promote your app.

Reasons to Build Your Own App

The single largest reason businesses develop and promote apps is to increase brand awareness. But remember, apps are all about customer experience. Their selling capacity is a distant second (and non-existent if under-performing or nonperforming). The power of mobile apps cannot be understated. Just over three years ago, small businesses captured 10 percent of incoming traffic from mobile devices — today, it’s approximately 70 percent. Moreover, apps now account for a full half of internet use.

If you think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands like Wal-Mart and Bank of America, you are wrong. More and more small and midsize businesses are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website. In fact, these days you’ll notice that many small businesses you interact with in your everyday life have their own dedicated mobile app — be it the corner coffee shop or the beauty spa downtown. These companies are ahead of the game when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level. — (Source)

There are three big benefits to build a mobile app: increase sales, more brand awareness, and compete in a niche market. Apps offer a more convenient shopping experience, with quick browsing and buying options. Because apps stay right on customers’ devices, they are front-and-center, increasing brand awareness. In addition, businesses with apps are in a stronger position, particularly in niche markets where competitors don’t offer the same convenience.

Follow these Steps to Promote Your App

Building an app is a tough business decision because of its initial capital commitment. However, when it’s done right, the money spent is worthwhile. That is, if you are able to effectively promote it to your target audience. By piquing interest, optimizing the promotional page, leveraging user feedback, reducing friction, and using social media, your app will have a better chance of success. Here are some helpful steps to follow to promote your app:

  1. Invest in quality promotional videos. Nearly 90 percent of consumers report product videos assist them in buying decisions. Also, 64 percent of consumers state they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. This means you cannot scrimp on promotional video production — top-notch quality is only acceptable.
  2. Optimize every component of your app page. The one question to best decide what to include on your app page is, “Does this provide real value to consumers?” Switch it around and ask yourself, if you were viewing the page, what benefit would you get from downloading the app? Be sure to include strong keywords and write a concise, powerful description.
  3. Highlight positive user-generated feedback. Studies show consumers heavily rely on peer reviews. Over 90 percent of consumers report depending on reviews to make decisions. Since this is an inescapable reality, use it to your advantage by highlighting positive user-generated feedback. Encourage users to share their experiences and critiques, then leverage those endorsements.
  4. Reduce friction points when possible. Simply put, the more information you require, the less downloads you’ll receive. While you do need important data points, you certainly don’t need to ask for too much. It’s not just a privacy concern, but also, a hassle, and it significantly increases bounce rate.
  5. Use social media as your main channel. Consumer social media interaction is bigger than ever. With companies like Facebook introducing more features to keep users on their platforms, this is a great marketing benefit. Make social media your main channel for customer service and experience. It’s free, widens brand reach, and gives prospective users insight.

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