September 15, 2022
Google Isn't Buying from Your Business People Are

Google Isn’t Buying from Your Business, People Are

Google Isn't Buying from Your Business People Are
Credit: Digital Trends

Let’s imagine the internet without Google. Another search entity would be the preferred choice of consumers, like Atla Vista, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, Bing, or, even Cuil. Of course, that’s not the case and even without these search portals, the void could have possibly been filled by or a news agency; or, even a service like Lexis Nexis.

Big G is the biggest company in the search industry, capturing about 67 percent of all queries and processing in excess of 100 billion per month, of which, 15 percent have never been searched before.

That’s a super-sized task, even for a technologically savvy mega corporation. It also shows how much consumers and businesses have come to rely on this particular search engine. However, just because it’s the largest and abiding by its guidelines is necessary to be found in organic search, let’s not lose site of the fact it doesn’t buy your business’ products or services–people, however, do.

Google and SEO

There’s no question sites have to play by the rules Big G institutes. It’s also a fact that because there are technical considerations to making a site SEO friendly, being in the know about the latest algorithm iteration or introduction is fundamental to be found through Google search.

“So rather than trying to figure out reverse engineering our algorithm and trying to find all the different ways to rank higher and trying to take shortcuts, as long as you’re trying to make a fantastic site that people love, that’s really compelling, that they are always going back to, that’s the sort of thing that puts you on the same side as Google,” –Matt Cutts, Google Chief Webspam Engineer.

However, it’s also a bit too much for any small business owner to juggle their business while trying to optimize their site for search.

SEOs routinely monitor trends and notice changes, but they are trying to look in from the outside. Perhaps this is why Matt Cutts said in a Webmaster Help video to stop trying to reverse engineer and just create high quality content.

Focus on Your Customers, Not Search Engines

There’s also a reason Cutts gives essentially the same advice to every question he’s asked through the Webmaster Help videos. He loves to say focus on creating a great site with high quality content that people find useful and want to share. Imagine that, the chief webspam engineer at Google routinely tells business owners to focus on their customers! What an original concept!

The most probable reason for this stage and sound advice is because it’s true–businesses ought to focus on their customers first and foremost. It’s customers that keep a business in the business of doing business. People purchase products and services from your business, not Google.

When businesses create informative, quality content, they are providing useful information consumers need. Information is the most inherent value of the Internet. Businesses give away stuff all the time to attract and retain customers–BOGOs, coupons, raffles and more–blogging is no different.

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