August 8, 2022
Google Page One and Disney Ticket Prices

Google Page One and Disney Ticket Prices

Google Page One and Disney Ticket PricesGoogle page one and Disney ticket prices won’t strike you as relatable when you first hear the two terms coupled together. In fact, you’ll wonder what can possibly connect the two. But not only are they relatable, they’re great reflections of one another.

Everyone in business that’s trying to gain an online advantage for their business wants to be on page one of Google; it’s a bane of the SEO world.

My wife recently asked me on a drive over from Tampa Bay to Orlando, why the most visited theme park on the planet keeps raising its admission prices.

Success the Google and the Disney Way

My first attempt at answering the question was a foray into paralysis by analysis. That is to say, I deluged her with all that Disney is: theme parks galore, recording labels, terrestrial television and cable networks, cruise ships, movie production, and the list went on.

It didn’t strike a chord with her. So, I rethought my explanation and came up with something that’s more relatable: price and access.

I then asked her if she thought that Disney ought to lower its prices so more families could afford to visit the park. She of course, answered “yes”. I followed that, asking the same question, “Let’s say Disney dropped its admission to $60, would we visit the park more?” That too, got a “yes” answer.

Again, I dropped the price to $40, then to $25. She knew I was getting at something by this point, so I made the point by painting a vivid picture. A scene of ten of thousands of people trying to get from the parking lot to the entrance, only to find the park is already at capacity, and people are being turned away with a rain check.

This is Why Getting One Google Page One isn’t Easy or, Necessary

With this scene painted, I then elaborated, “Now, for a family of four who just plunked down over a thousand dollars in airfare, bags fees, and hotel accommodations, would you be eager to return or just throw your hands up and say, ‘We’re not going back there again!’”

This is why the park raises its prices, to keep access…well…accessible. Getting on page one of Google is kind of the same thing. If there wasn’t any “filtering” or ranking in place, Google wouldn’t be of any value. Businesses should concentrate on serving customers, providing consumers with information, and do what they are in business to do. This is precisely why Google has a 100 percent “keyword not provided”, because businesses ought to know what their customers want.

Small businesses should focus their SEO on customer service; and, blogging is a great medium, especially when coupled with social media.

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