July 3, 2022

Guest Blogging and Spam Marketing

guest blogging spam marketingGuest blogging is going to be the go-to resource for spreading links across cyber properties starting in 2013 and likely for several years to come. This means spam marketing will intensify as people look for ways to optimize their site through ostensible white hat methodologies.

Of course, what these individuals and entities won’t necessarily do is submit, well-researched, quality articles. What they certainly will do is include copy filled with self-aggrandizement, complete with several backlinks to their site and to their Internet acreage of digital sharecropping grounds.

Spam Marketing

For years, there has been a trend to embrace email marketing spam for a variety of reasons. And up until the point Google and Bing got smart, one guest blogging network after another cropped up. The combination of spam email marketing and content marketing was a sound strategy. Of course, that’s now a bygone notion.

Guest blogging has seen significant growth over the past few years, partly due to changes in SEO, and partly causing them, too. The trend of sharing original articles on other relevant websites is likely to continue, because it’s a solid, cost-effective way to market with content. —Search Engine Journal

With search engine optimization parameters changing so greatly over a short period of time, spam marketing is becoming much less attractive and only delivers diminishing returns–even if the marketing falls within the purview of white hat tactics. The alternative is to employ a guest blogging service that will indiscriminately solicit an exceptionally wide swath of legitimate sites to get more inbound links. However, genuine sites will seek real guest blogging opportunities and use social platforms to market.

Guest Blogging

To fend off this coming onslaught, webmasters will have to deal with the problem head-on. The best way to go about it is to set standards which must be followed. Charging for links is another idea to keep spammers at-bay. And for those who are truly looking to spread their name or brand legitimately, here are some useful guest blogging tips to follow:

  • Don’t waste your time wasting someone else’s time. Putting it another way, only approach sites in which you have something in common and something valuable to contribute.
  • Take your time and don’t try to beat the clock. Article spinning is being phased-out by being singled-out by search algorithms. Their detection is going to catch-up sooner or later.
  • Offer to give another site something for nothing, then wait for reciprocity. Contact businesses and tell them you found something they’ve published will be sent to your contacts and don’t ask anything in return. Good people will respond in-kind, in-time.
  • Put your own style into it. While there’s nothing new under the sun, there’s always a way to put a unique perspective on the subject. Write in your voice and contribute to the conversation.

And in case you don’t have the time or inspiration but still need to market content, then use a ghostwriter to create professional-grade copy.

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