August 5, 2022
getting customer testimonials

A Guide to Getting Testimonials

getting customer testimonialsEven if your web site offers a plethora of resources, many audiences require a truthful recommendation from an unbiased source before they deem your site or service legitimate.

These types of recommendations are called testimonials, and they can be a huge asset for bettering the reputation of your site or business.

Some benefits of testimonials include increased visitor-to-client conversion and a more professional impression, as long as testimonials are used correctly.

The first step in taking advantage of testimonials is to get them in the first place, a relatively easy process when using the strategies below.

Find Existing Fans on Twitter

If your site has been around for a while, there’s a good chance it already has fans. One resourceful method to find these fans is via Twitter, where you can search for your site’s name or URL and find people tweeting about your site.

Once you find them, engage with them directly, thanking them for their kind words. Then, do the following:

  • Ask if they would mind if you used their tweet as an endorsement, or if they could provide more elaborative praise. Solid endorsements can be longer than 140 characters, the maximum for tweets, so feel free to exchange e-mails if they wish to provide a longer testimonial.
  • If they say yes, take a screenshot of their tweeted or e-mailed endorsement. Windows users can do this by searching for a Snipping Tool, or by using the Fn + Print Screen command. Mac users can type in Command Shift 4 and use the crosshairs to select the endorsement area.
  • Upload the photo to a relevant area on your site, abiding by Twitter’s usage guidelines in the process.

If your site is just starting and does not have praise on Twitter yet, then be tactful in reaching out to users on Twitter for endorsements. If your site’s delivery is not instantaneously alluring, you’ll likely have to offer them a free trial of your services or a discount to pique their interest.

Provide a Fun Way for Users to Write Testimonials

Although incentivizing testimonials seems to defeat the purpose if honest evaluation, asking for testimonials directly on your web site may result in some good results, especially if you offer something in the process – like entering all testimony writers into a fun contest.

If you do this, make sure to clarify that all valid testimonials will be entered in the contest, good and bad testimonials included. This will maintain the unbiased nature of testimonials, which is essential for their effectiveness.

Use Your Blog’s Comments

Blog interfaces like WordPress provide a very easy way for administrators to browse through their blog’s comments, via the main dashboard. It’s also default that site visitors must enter their e-mail address to publish comments, meaning you can get in touch directly with anyone who comments on your blog.

If someone leaves praise in a comment that would work as a testimonial, e-mail them and ask for permission to use it as a testimonial. If the endorser provides a personal photo, it will add credibility to their endorsement.

If You Provide a Service, Provide an Automatic Follow-Up

If your web site offers something purchase-based, like a service or eBook, then consider e-mailing users one or two weeks after their purchase to see if they enjoyed the service or product.

If they reply with praise, ask if you can use their words in a testimonial. For sites offering services and/or products, this may be the most ideal way to get testimonials.

Consider a Case Study

If you have had particularly great success with a client, create a case study. Case studies offer an in-depth look at the services you offer, and how they can be implemented into an actionable plan.

Aside from testimonials, case studies highlight statistics that can be turned into dollar amounts. Dryden Group offers case studies on each type of service they offer, in addition to the testimonials on their page. Users will have a step by step look at how you moved from the situation to the solution.

Using the variety of methods above, you should be able to tap into a niche of users who are more than happy to provide a testimonial for your site or product.

Of course, if the product or service you’re offering is lackluster then the endorsements will reflect that, so be sure to value quality above all else. As long as quality standards are upheld and you follow up prudently, engage in social media and provide visitors with a fun way to write testimonials, the endorsements should come organically.

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