October 1, 2022
How Companies Benefit from Their Business Blog

How Companies Benefit from Their Business Blog

How Companies Benefit from Their Business BlogA business blog is a great way to get more traffic to a site as well as more customers through the door. But running a small business doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging, and that’s a problem. The statistics on business blogs are downright jaw-dropping. Companies with small business blogs command a huge advantage over those which don’t.

In fact, the numbers reveal that a small business blog accounts for a majority of a site’s overall traffic. In other words, consumers find a company’s website through its blog rather than its static pages. And, once engaged with a blog, consumers tend to act.

Key Benefits of a Business Blog

If you’re wondering about how effect a blog can be, then you should take a look at the data below. A recent Yahoo Small Business article compiled the figures from various sources. Here are the numbers:

  • Companies with an active blog have 97 percent more inbound links than businesses which do not.
  • A full 92 percent of companies which publish more than one article per day have acquired customers through their blogs.
  • Business-to-business marketers active in their blogging generated 67 percent more leads than their competition who didn’t use their blog.
  • Of the total online consumers in the US, 61 percent made a purchase based on a recommendation on a blog.
  • More than 80 percent of companies with blogs considered them “useful,” “important,” or “critical”.
  • On average, companies with active blogs get 434 percent more pages indexed by the search engines.
  • Once a business publishes between 21 to 54 blog posts, traffic increases by nearly 30 percent.
  • Small businesses which routinely blog garner 126 percent more lead growth than companies which do not.
  • A full 60 percent of consumers report feeling more positive about a company after reading its blog.
  • Of all online consumers, 90 percent find original content useful and 78 percent of those same consumers hold the belief those small businesses which blog are interested in building lasting relationships.
  • Blog articles with images generate 94 percent more views than those without.
  • Of all the tweets sent, 85 percent are from original content.

So, it’s clear whether your blog is dedicated in-part or whole to business news, or centered on advice and insight, blogs generate a lot of activity. The bottom line is, small business information is best distributed through a business blog.

How Companies Benefit from Their Business Blog

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