August 5, 2022
how sentiment analytics affects your small business

How Sentiment Analytics Affects Your Small Business


how sentiment analytics affects your small business

Learn how sentiment analytics affects your small business.

Sentiment analytics might not be a familiar term to you, but there’s a really good chance that you’re already working hard to improve stats with your content.

In software engineering, it’s used as a measure of how customers interact with a product or service. In the world of SEO, it can be used to cross-reference how well a business is representing itself in the real world.

Sentiment Analysis in Action

Let’s say that you run a bakery. You make all kinds of pastries, cakes, cookies, and all the things people would expect from a bakery. Your online business directory listings include baking supplies, like cake fondant. However, you only have one single retail shelf of baking supplies. You don’t really make any money off them, because your inventory is so small, and, that’s not part of your focal revenue stream.

Sentiment is a useful metric when taken in concert with others, but you would be ill-advised to base a strategy on sentiment alone. As with any metric, context is important, and so are the human insights that drive strategy. —

Now, a person that’s come to the area to help out with a friend’s wedding is looking for a place to purchase certain baking supplies to make the wedding cake. That person doesn’t know the locality, so they go onto the web and search. Your business comes-up as one that sells baking supplies, even though, that’s not really the case.

Sentiment analysis would find and measure that person’s negative social media review of your bakery and use it as a future factor in organic ranking.

Looking Toward the Future

I’ve recently had a short email exchange with one of the leading SEO minds in the country. It’s entirely possible that given a similar scenario, Google and Bing use sentiment analysis to help improve search results — after all, it makes complete sense to do so.

So, with that in mind, when you publish new content on your site, be sure to deliver on the information you provide. You want to gain a reputation for being what you claim to be. You already do it in day-to-day real world operations, but in the coming years, it will likely be necessary to do it online as well.

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