January 17, 2022
Twitter content strategy

How to Create a Twitter Content Strategy that will Help You Grow Your Business

Learn how to craft and execute an effective Twitter content strategy, complete with all the best elements to build an attractive brand…

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Twitter is an excellent platform for quickly sowing the rational-good-eternal. Especially if your budget tends to zero. Everything is just a click away. Below you will find comprehensive instructions for building your audience and promoting yourself on Twitter.

Smart Steps on How to Create Impeccable Twitter Content Strategy

Over the past few years, an increasing number of brands have decided to invest money and time on Twitter – for many companies, a popular social network is becoming a key component of a content strategy.

Despite the fact that many posts have already been written on how to maintain your profile, many companies still make mistakes and do not get the expected result from Twitter. Therefore, it is by no means excessive to remind once again how to behave in a tweet space.

Once You Launched It – Don’t Give Up

Setting up a Twitter account “just like that” is a bad idea. After six months, tweets will cease to appear, and users will gradually unsubscribe, the account will be abandoned and will slowly grow into a web. And what could be worse than the official profile of the company, where the last tweet was made several years ago?

So once again, think in which social networks you need accounts, and how you can pay attention.

Don’t Let Inexperienced People Run It

It’s not a fact that a young man who hangs all day on social networks will be able to maintain a Twitter account of the company competently. Look for a competent specialist who can communicate with the audience, and not just post photos and make dates. Nowadays, it is not hard to find decent specialists, like experts from LinksManagement, for instance.

The Visualization is Vital

A Twitter profile is another face of your brand, so treat it with due attention. Take the trouble to choose a beautiful background and a suitable profile photo.

Posts must not be spammy

Use the available tools so that all new publications on the site automatically appear on Twitter.

Dilute branded content with entertaining, thematic, relevant content from other sources. The only condition is that the source must be reliable, verified, otherwise you can compromise your reputation. Always check the accuracy and relevance of published content from other sources.

Every day, re-post a month ago. It is also essential to republish eternal content – this is content whose relevance does not depend on time. That is, it will always be useful to subscribers.

Don’t be a soulless bot

Users do not want to communicate with the brand, and they want to communicate with the person! – Memorize this phrase. A faceless account is not attractive to anyone. Not sure how to add character to your account? Take an example from accounts of well-known companies.

Think first, then write

To succeed on Twitter, you need to stand out and not be like everyone else. However, do not rush into expressing your original, contradictory, and sometimes confusing thoughts – formulate your tweets very clearly and clearly. Unfortunately, there is an excellent example of Donald Trump, who uses his Twitter account consistently and posts many things that later turn out to be bad for some people or companies.

Proper Hashtags Are Valuable

Twitter hashtags are traditionally used to thematically mark a new tweet and increase its visibility in a Twitter search for relevant queries.

  •       Posts using hashtags receive two times more user signals than regular ones.
  •       Clicking on the hashtag in any tweet opens a complete list of publications using this hashtag.
  •       The location of the hashtag in the tweet does not matter and does not affect the visibility of the tweet in the feed – the hashtag can be used at the beginning, middle or end of the publication.
  •       A study of popular thematic hashtags allows you to get relevant information on a topic quickly.
  •       Like keywords, your posts should use exclusively relevant hashtags.
  •       Do not get involved in hashtags. Hashtag spam will not increase visibility and engagement, but it can reduce user comfort. The optimal number of hashtags in a post is 2.

Make useful contacts

Twitter is not only fun posting photos. Subscribe to people who may be helpful, enjoyable to your company – in this way, and it will be possible to establish communication that will positively affect your business.

The simplest thing is to find the accounts of your competitors and follow their readers. If a person is subscribed to several of your competitors, this is precisely your “client.” Going through accounts with your hands is a long time. Therefore, you can use special services.

Unsubscribe from 100 people who did not follow you back. This is important because if the ratio of read-readers is more than 1.1, you will be limited in following, which will create problems for further growth.

Even when you follow 50 accounts, it’s already difficult to distinguish those who have not followed you from the general list. There are no special tools on Twitter for this. But here, third-party developments come to the rescue.

Do not buy followers

What is the point of increasing the number of followers on Twitter if you are not going to send them to your site? In order not to write content specifically for twitter (which is time-consuming and does not make much sense), you can use the already published content from your site.

Quality must be ahead of quantity – do not chase left and unnecessary users. Focus on a real audience.

Do not think only about yourself

You plan to use Twitter to promote your content, right? Wrong! If you want to get genuinely loyal subscribers, you should be useful to them, and first of all, the content that you post.

Sadly, a fact – your own will not always fall under this definition. And therefore do not be greedy and do not be lazy – post links to blogs of other companies, interesting notes on the topic, etc.

Answer questions, comments, ratings of subscribers. If account subscribers are not active, encourage them to act in posts.

  •       Conduct polls on relevant topics.
  •       Thank users for reposting publications.
  •       Encourage site users to share their favorite content on social networks.
  •       Make at least three publications a day.
  •       Explore the opinions of your target audience using Twitter search.

Listen to others

Keep track not only of what is being said about your brand but of all the discussions that are somehow related to your area.

Observation and analysis are incredibly useful for creating and developing a successful account. Twitter is one of the most transparent and open social networks. Everything that users and competitors do in their accounts is available to you.

It is important to analyze:

  •       The behavior of typical page subscribers is when they actively comment on which materials evoke the most significant response from the audience, which elements were ignored.
  •       The competitors’ strategy is what they publish, how they publish, how often, the composition of the tweet feed (new own posts, retweets of old publications, links, useful data, links to third-party resources, the thematic content of independent sources). It is crucial to collect the most valuable data. On Twitter, it’s possible.

Choose Your Strategy and Stick to It

You won’t be able to succeed on Twitter if you don’t know what that success looks like for you and your brand. So before you get started, you need to think through your marketing strategy on Twitter.

It is important to ask yourself:

What are my goals?

  •       Want to get more subscribers on the platform? Drive traffic to your site? Sell ​​your new product? For different goals, different strategies will be required, so before you start marketing on Twitter, it is essential to know which goals are most important to you.

How am I going to measure performance?

  •       Whatever goals you decide to pursue, they must be measurable – and you need a plan to determine how and when you will achieve this goal.

Are you going to get more subscribers? Set a timeline for reaching this number (for example, 1000 subscribers next month). Want to drive traffic to your site? Make sure you use UTM-tagged links so you can figure out how much of your total traffic comes from Twitter. Want to sell? Create a promotional code for Twitter so that you know which of your customers makes purchases on the platform.

The fact is that setting a goal is not enough – you need a plan to measure the achievement of this goal.

What resources should I use?

  •       Before you begin, it’s also essential to evaluate the resources you need to attract, because these resources will have a direct impact on your strategy.
  •       Ask yourself how much time, labor, and budget you will spend on Twitter, and then use this information to analyze the results. Does all this pay off?
  •       So, for example, if you do not have a large budget, but you have a lot of time and labor, you can focus on real-time conversations throughout the day to attract subscribers. If you do not have tons of time, but you have a large budget, it would be better to include an advertising campaign.

The best Twitter marketing strategies are those that make the most of your resources. And keep in mind that this can change; continue to take stock and evaluate your funds as your strategy evolves – and if your available resources change, you can adjust your plan accordingly.

Sell, but do not impose

Twitter content must be present in many forms. Therefore, in the publication of other people’s links with their comments, there is nothing wrong. The main thing is that the content fits into the theme of your project (site).

Foreign content will also help you highlight your target audience. After all, there is something in common between people who read you and your competitors. Spend a little time researching with the above tools. Do they like cake poems or Leprosy? Go and flash them there.

Be careful with the answer button and mentions. If you respond too often to strangers, Twitter may block you. According to the rules of this social network, too frequent references are an invasion of personal space.

On Twitter, as in any other social network, the attitude to spam and advertising can hardly be called positive. However, if you talk about your services, for example, when answering a user’s question, hardly anyone will be glad.


Twitter is a great opportunity for brands to quickly and easily engage a huge audience in two-way communication. Let this small yet comprehensive guide to help you better understand and use the Twitter content strategy effectively to interact with your followers and grow your business.

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