January 19, 2022
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How to Start and Promote a Business on Facebook

Learn the simple steps to starting and promoting a business on Facebook, covering all the fundamental moves to earn extra income…

It’s easy to start and promote a business on Facebook. Practically everything you need is either free or costs very little.

The really good news is that, it’s not necessary to spend a lot to start and promote a business on Facebook. With just a few simple resources to get things going, a little creativity, some imagination, and smidgen of elbow grease, you can start earning extra income.

Read on to learn more about how to start and promote a business on Facebook.

How to Start a Business on Facebook

Ironically, the very first thing you need isn’t on Facebook at all. It is an idea you have, and interest you follow, or something you’d like to develop.

Basically, it’s a simple product or service you offer to friends, family and the community around you. And, because Facebook has a global reach, you’ll be able to grow beyond your local market, at your own pace.

Start your journey with a simple website and a blog. This is a free marketing resource you can have up and running and practically no time at all.

The reason to do this is simple. You control the source, the formatting, and you retain all of your marketing materials. This way, you can advertise and promote on various social media platforms, not just Facebook alone.

Once this is in-place, the next thing to do is set up a Facebook page, which can be done in a matter of minutes.

How to Promote a Business on Facebook

After taking a few moments to setup your Facebook page you can then do the following to promote your business and start earning extra income:

  • Post updates. Create short blog posts to share on Facebook. You don’t have to write lengthy articles. Instead, keep them short and sweet, focusing on the benefits of your product and/or services.
  • Include images. When you share your blog posts to Facebook, they should include images that catch the eye. Updates on social media receive 34 to 40+ percent or more interactions than post without images.
  • Interweave calls-to-action. In your posts, intertwine at least two calls to action or more, but don’t overdo it. Your calls-to-action should flow naturally with the content, and not disrupt it.
  • Post content regularly. A key factor in promoting a business on Facebook is to keep the page fresh with regular updates. This way, your brand becomes familiar and builds trust with an audience over time.

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