January 26, 2022
high quality LinkedIn leads

Keys to Generating High Quality LinkedIn Leads

Learn the most effective keys to generating high quality LinkedIn leads to grow your network connections and become a go-to source in your industry…

Generating high quality LinkedIn leads is important to your business for different reasons. First and foremost, the professional network is an ideal B2B platform. It’s built to showcase skill sets and connect with others. For those who sell products and services to commercial entities, LinkedIn is a rich source.

It’s a great place to promote your small business blog and establish connections both inside and outside your primary industry. LinkedIn also provides an ability to market beyond your geographic location.

Use these Key Steps to Generate High Quality LinkedIn Leads

While LinkedIn is a valuable source, it’s recently become quite spammy. This doesn’t mean the network isn’t worthwhile but it does mean you’ll need to stand out. In other words, you’ll need to think of it differently than marketing on Facebook or other more traditional social sites. What works on other social networks won’t necessarily deliver results on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has over 400 million users and is growing. Who would have thought that this business social networking site would keep growing at the rate it has, plus have such a positive effect on businesses worldwide? The number of users and their propensity to want to network is the main reason LinkedIn marketing should be important to you, especially if you’re marketing to businesses. — Inc.com (Source)

Remember, this isn’t a platform to share cute kitten pictures or personal updates. Although, a personal element is still a part of using the network effectively. Because it’s advertised as a professional site, users tend to populate their profiles with common practices. By thinking a bit outside-the-box, you can establish a superior presence. Here are some helpful keys for generating high quality LinkedIn leads:

  1. Pique interest with a solid profile. Forget the usual job titles like “CEO,” “CCO,” and others. Instead, use short, descriptive skill sets. Mine reads, “Blog Content Writer, SEO Consultant, Social Media Marketer, and Website Guy.” Right to the point is best because it tells people what you actually do.
  2. Search and view potential client profiles. Since LinkedIn is an entrepreneurial treasure trove, use it to your advantage. Search and view potential client profiles (individuals who need your products and/or services). Take a little time to read through each profile to become familiar. This will help when you reach out.
  3. Make first contact without self promotion. Don’t make a bad first impression by soliciting a sales pitch. Instead, send a quick introduction and thank him or her for the connection request. Include a pithy invitation welcoming questions — this way, you’re continuing the conversation.
  4. Create a dialogue and always answer questions. When he or she follows up with a question, seize the opportunity to create a dialogue by always answering questions. Do this in a positive, honest manner.
  5. Take the conversation off the LinkedIn platform. Next, it’s time to take the conversation into a different medium. Schedule a phone call or communicate through email. But follow-up to further the conversation and develop a better connection.

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