August 4, 2022
business website essentials

New Business Website Essentials

business website essentialsIt certainly is no secret that having a proprietary presence on the web is an absolute must for businesses. A website is not only a place to publish information about your business visitors can use to learn about your company but also serves as a credential. What’s more, it’s a serious marketing tool, one that can build trust and generate more conversions.

The big mistake a lot of business owners make is to believe a website must be “complete,” before it goes live. This is a myth and one that holds-back many entrepreneurs because they worry about presentation. It’s untrue because there is simply no such thing as a complete website. Fresh new, informative content must be added on a regular basis, which is why blogging is not only smart, but necessary. Search engines only crawl websites to rank those properties in organic search when new content is added.

Another mistake is relying too much on a designer. This doesn’t mean every business owner needs to learn code but it does mean to chose wisely. A content management system, like WordPress, has an intuitive user dashboard. Once it’s setup, it’s quite simple to use.

Top Business Website Essentials

A business website needs certain information and functions in order to be an effective tool. If these aren’t present, the platform won’t serve a useful purpose, just take-up space and be an ongoing expense in the form of hosting. By contrast, there are certain things a business website doesn’t need, those being flash animation, music, pop-ups, auto play media, as well as extraneous information or media. All of these slow down load time, up bounce rate, and are an annoyance to visitors.

When you create a website, make the content shareable. It’s great to reference some the leaders in your space, but when you are developing your own brand, it’s important to create unique content on a single hub. A site that your readers and viewers can reference back to, for more of your incredible content. —Entrepreneur

The things a business website needs serve visitors in more ways than one. Think about how consumers will approach your site, what they expect to see and learn, and how they’ll be able to navigate it. In addition, use the less is more approach, too much will be a big barrier and serve-up confusion. Here are the top business website essentials:

  • Responsive design. A mobile version of your website is an absolute must. You don’t need two properties, just a site that has responsive design and seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes.
  • Contact information. It might sound obvious, but there are plenty of business websites which put there contact information in obscure places–a dedicated page is a must.
  • An about page. Your business website must have clear information about who you are, what your company offers, and the benefits of doing business with your company.
  • Social media profiles. There’s no escaping social media and the proof is found in mainstream advertising. Your social profiles ought to be very conspicuous.
  • A simple domain address. When registering a domain address, make it a simple one that’s easy to remember and is short. Remember, this will be part every email exchange.
  • Fresh, quality content. Your business website must have up-to-date, quality content. This is the number one SEO or search engine optimization factor for ranking in organic search.

Another thing your business website must have is reliable hosting. Visitors expect a site to quickly respond when they click or tap. The good news is hosting is quite inexpensive and vendors are in constant competition.

Your business website should be simple, without a lot of window dressing. Outrageous colors, scatter-shot design, and no clear navigation path are not only unnecessary, but harmful. Your site ought to follow the KISS principle.

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