September 29, 2022

Newsjacking for Inbound Marketing Content

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Newsjacking is yet another way to optimize a website. It, as the name implies, one of the many online ways to generate business by inserting a company or brand into the news cycle.

There’s a ranking signal which Google applies to stories that show a sharp spike in popularity. The algorithm called, QDF or Query Deserves Freshness, is applied to search terms that quickly trend upward.

If you newsjack, you are essentially getting the advantages of that algorithmic tag. It helps to make a brand part of the news story, which in turn, assists a site in gaining organic search momentum. So, it’s a type of news content marketing that’s becoming a popular method in search engine optimization circles.

News Content Marketing

This concept certainly isn’t new, but it is new to search optimization. If you’ve seen any television commercials or heard any radio ads in the past decade, you’ve seen what could be described as newsjacking in action. A company will use a headline or storyline to tout their product or service. 

That’s the power of newsjacking. It creates a level playing field–literally anyone can newsjack–but that new level favors players who are observant, quick to react, and skilled at communicating. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to throw an opponent or simply draft off the news momentum to futher your own ends. —David Meerman Scott, Newsjacking

For instance, a jewelry and precious metals dealers will produce an advertisement that features recent news articles about people being taken advantage of by other dealers. And that’s how you newsjack a story offline. If you take that concept to the internet, you are content marketing news. By putting your brand into the ongoing conversation, you become part of the news cycle which the search engines are giving more weight because of the story’s popularity.

Now, the only thing is to find news items that can be used for inbound marketing content. Then, write and publish content that intertwines with the news story.

Implementing a Newsjacking Campaign

To make newsjacking effective, you’ll have to follow a couple of steps. These tips will help you to develop a strategy so you can newsjack for your site’s SEO:

  1. Look for breaking news related to your industryContent marketing success depends on timely material when it comes to newsjacking. Find news items which are relevant to your business and use it as a launching pad.
  2. Find the keywords related to trending news items. These might not be self evident, so you’ll have to do a tad bit of research. But once you determine what those words and phrases are, then insert them into the content you produce.
  3. Produce content that’s well written. Here’s where you might want to hire a professional copywriter. The copy has to be readable, related to the news, and serve a purpose.
  4. Put your own experience and knowledge into the mix. News organizations routinely look for industry experts to source in their copy. If you offer some insight, you have a good chance of being that source. Additionally, your unique content will help your organic ranking regardless if it’s sourced or not.

When you use this trick, you are doing some of the work an inbound marketer would do, so try to balance facts of the news with a subtle sales pitch.Enhanced by Zemanta

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