August 7, 2022

Offline Marketing: Getting More Business

offline-marketingOffline marketing might seem likes it’s a thing of the past, but that certainly is not the case. While stories regularly appear about newspaper circulation declining, magazines and newspapers ceasing print editions, there’s still a lot to be said for marketing offline.

Surprisingly, it’s offline marketing which still has the most impact when it comes to consumer direct marketing. And while one would naturally assume that social media advertising is the new medium for direct consumer marketing, only 16 percent of CEO’s are using those platforms, according to a study conducted by IBM.

That’s a remarkable statistic. After all, it would seem to be a no-brainer to use the Internet for a direct marketing campaign to drive up traffic. But because consumers simply don’t bother to read banner ads, access Facebook via mobile (which doesn’t display ads), and block pop-up windows, that’s why offline marketing is an effective alternative. 

Marketing Offline Explained

There are many ways to do advertising. When it comes to marketing offline, business owners often think about things like campaign management software and expensive telecommunications software. But those things aren’t necessary to achieve direct marketing success.

Why would you think that the best way to reach [young conusmers] is with paper fliers and posters? Because it is… —

Engaging consumers directly is still one of the best ways to promote a product or service. But how is it companies can take advantage of offline marketing without incurring large expenses? The cost of television ads, radio spots, billboards and direct mail is far more pricey than just doing a little keyword research and purchasing Internet ads.

But there’s more to offline marketing than these expensive mediums. And by putting a little effort into marketing offline, businesses will see an increase in online traffic as well as phone and email contact.

Types of Offline Marketing

Let’s set aside the big budget offline marketing techniques like those mentioned above. Many small businesses don’t have the money on-hand to spend thousands or ten of thousands of dollars to dedicate to offline marketing. So, here are some ways to approach marketing offline for very little cost:

  • Hand out business cards. That’s not ground-breaking advice. But it’s a method of offline marketing that’s being largely ignored. A business card is still a more personable way of advertising.
  • Participate in the community. Be a part of your local church and other community organizations. Be it little league or a dog park, get involved. It’s not only good for business, it helps others.
  • Pin flyers to billboards. Another form of low-tech offline marketing is to stick flyers to billboards. Choose locations that make sense for your business and paper away.
  • Make yourself available to news agencies. You might not think of yourself as an expert, but you are to others. Mail letters to local news organizations introducing yourself and offer to do interviews when needed.
  • Sponsor local events. Like volunteering, being a sponsor puts you–and your business–in front of your customers. And that type of exposure works in your favor.
Just a few hours of offline marketing a month will payoff in both the short and long term. Moreover, it’s a great balance to traditional online marketing.

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