October 1, 2022
Why Your Optimized Site isnt Generating Business

Why Your Optimized Site isn’t Generating Business

Why Your Optimized Site isnt Generating BusinessEveryone have heard the sales phrase, “You you don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.” Its meaning is to impart the importance of a product or service. Your website is no different in many regards.

You can buy the best cut of USDA-aged beef but if you don’t prepare it right, it won’t be appealing. We’ve seen dozens of sites that have been optimized to the ultimate degree. They have all the right title tags, the right architecture, the fastest load time, meta data, streamlined code, and really terrific aesthetic features.

What they lack is the quality content that gets visitors to engage. The material is too generic, bland; or worse yet, esoteric. For some small business sites, their content serves no other purpose than text on a page and as such, users don’t give it much credulity, if any at all. That makes their site nothing more than another web property, with little to no value to offer.

What Consumers Want from Businesses

Consumers want answers to their questions. They fully expect to find answers related to a product or service when they click on and follow a link. It only frustrates people when a promise isn’t delivered; what’s more, they are unlikely to trust that site and return again. Remember, the entire purpose of the internet is to disseminate information and if consumers can’t find what they are looking for on your website, they’ll simply opt for your competition.

So you want your website to make you look big. More power to you. But the business experts  say small is cool with customers, too. Small businesses, they say, have a personality, flavor and sensibility that big businesses can’t match. And when it comes to what you put on your website, they urge: Don’t be afraid to tout your smallness. —Entrepreneur.com

Give potential customers precisely what they’ve come to your site to find and keep building a relationship with existing customers with your online presence. If you deliver, it will pay off and will work to naturally boost your site in organic search results. When people encounter content they really like, they tend to share it with others and that should be your goal.

When an Optimized Site Doesn’t Deliver Results

Don’t mistake SEO for marketing, because the two are completely different. Just because a site has the technical details right won’t guarantee that it will drive traffic through organic search. That can only be done with quality content. Here are some of the most common mistakes you’re probably make with your business website:

  • You’re not differentiating yourself. A site must be tailored to its audience in a way that stands out from its competition. Formulaic approaches only go so far and it’s necessary to deliver a distinct personality.
  • Your content is too salesy. Speaking of personality, your site must connect on a personal level. Writing in the third person is just fine for news reporting or press releases, but it doesn’t work for businesses. Speak directly to visitors one-on-one.
  • You’re assuming people know what you do. This is all-too-common and completely unnecessary. The very reason people have landed on your site is to learn something about something they know little or nothing about. Educate them without interjecting jargon and explain any nomenclature.
  • Your material is undermining your own marketing. Your website and its components have to be synchronized. If it appears disparate to consumers, they’ll miss your underlying message. Be consistent and clear about what you offer and how it can benefit them.
  • You’re choosing technology over presentation. Plugins, widgets, thingamajigs–no matter the name or the technology powering them, they are not going to deliver on their own. Put another way, a race car, no matter how advanced, is only as effective as its driver.

When you begin to publish informative material, those interested will find it useful and that starts a ripple effect which can grow your customer base and add to your bottom line.

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