August 6, 2022
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How to Promote Your Small Business Blog

Learn the most effective ways for how to promote your small business blog to attract and retain readers, as well as increase leads and sales…

Small business blog promotion isn’t difficult to carry out but it is a time-consuming enterprise. Driving traffic to your site requires a workable strategy. It also entails quite a bit of experimenting. Eventually, you’ll discover what works best. Then, you can focus on a bigger goal, like making your blog go viral. Or, just reaching more people and solidifying your audience. Whatever the goal, you must start with the basics and build from there.

Why a Small Business Blog is Important

The importance of a small business blog cannot be understated. Companies who actively blog receive 67 percent more leads than business which don’t. Brands who’ve prioritized blogging generate 13 times positive return-on-investment. Businesses who blog regularly earn 97 percent more links to their sites. What’s more, studies demonstrate blogs are in the top five of the most trusted types of information.

Many people start blogs—whether for personal or business reasons—and then wonder: Why is no one reading it? Even executives at Fortune 500 companies with massive resources can publish blog posts that go essentially unread. And it happens for a number of reasons: poor content, lack of frequency, not knowing the audience, and so on. However, the most basic reason no one is reading your blog is this: Nobody knows it exists. Your small-business blog requires more than a build-it-and-they-will-come strategy. Rather than thinking of it as marketing channel that you can just turn on, think of it as a service, one that requires its own marketing. — American Express Open Forum (Source)

To experience all these benefits, a blog must include certain SEO elements. Search engine friendly is a must-have. This includes a sitemap, metadata, social profile icons, outbound links, internal links between content, quality content, responsive or mobile design, and more. With these and other elements in-place, there is a foundation on which to build on.

How to Promote Your Small Business Blog

With the basics present, it’s time to promote your small business blog. This demands commitment, workable schedule, plenty of creativity, and experimentation. Depending on your industry and/or niche, some traditional methods won’t deliver. That’s okay, when you do find what works best, you can double down. Here are some helpful suggestions for how to promote your small business blog:

  • Publish informative content. Before you promote your small business blog, be sure to publish original, informative content. Do this regularly and consistently on a schedule. People will find your credibility dubious if there is little to no fresh content. Include statistics, facts, empirical evidence, and write with authority. Sprinkle-in targeted, long tail keywords with every post for optimization purposes. After all, visitors are seeking answers and your small business blog can serve as the ideal resource. 
  • Promote posts on social media. Most businesses will find Facebook a great social blog promotion platform. Some will also benefit from LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. This is where the most experimentation will happen. Keep track of generated activity to know which are and aren’t worthwhile networks.
  • Guest blog on other platforms. Write original content for other platforms to publish. You’ll not only gain links doing this but also, will build-up your reputation as an industry expert. Once the platform publishes your work,  it will share the content on social media. This way, you’ll expand your reach beyond your own audience.
  • Build a solid email list. As you build your business, you’ll collect a lot of email addresses. Use this to your advantage and create a newsletter to circulate. This is a great way to re-engage customers and contacts you’ve not been in-touch with. It also serves as a brand reminder when recipients need your products and/or services in the future.
  • Syndicate your content. After you publish new content on your business blog, give the search engines time to crawl and index it. Then, syndicate it by publishing on other sites. Be sure to include a disclosure of where it was first published. 

In addition to the above suggestions, reach out to industry leaders and ask them to contribute an article occasionally. This bolsters your small business’ blog credibility and lets readers know it’s trustworthy information.

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To generate more business online, companies need to regularly publish new, useful content. Blogging is the single most cost-effective way to attract new customers as consumers search for information about products and services.
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