May 27, 2022

Read Generation and Social Media Marketing

read generationRead generation is the production of consumer prospects through keyword based online content found in website writing and blogging. It is based on lead generation concepts which are designed to get readers or visitors engaged in content, by building trust with credible information. The more useful information available, the more new and repeat visitors will revisit a site.

Read generation is typically associated with website content and blogging but can also include the use of press releases and even news articles.

Read Generation Basics

There are a few fundamentals behind read generation. Like any other marketing concept, it is imperative that leads be interested through their own curiosity. This is why website writing and blogging are vital to a business’ Internet success. Conversion rates significantly increase by employing a few strategies:


If a blog or website offers nothing else, its greatest read generation should be free advice or information. This is because the entire purpose of the world-wide web is to disseminate information. Regardless of what that information is. Credible, useful information is a powerful read generation tool.

Problem Solving

Another benefit in read generation is the ability to help potential customers solve a problem. It’s why attorney websites and blogs contain snippets of legal advice or why a plumbing service publishes how to guides on their website or blog. The more focused problem solving is, the better. Like how to deal with a clogged garbage disposal. Or useful consumer research about credit card rewards programs. Both examples are specific to a query.

Engaging Readers

There are several ways to get potential customers engaged. Contact forms are one way of converting read generation into a follow-up lead. But there’s also social media marketing. It not only shows credibility of good information through followers, but helps a website and/or blog’s search engine optimization.

Cross Linking Visibility

All read generation can’t be limited to one site. It must be spread across any many portals as possible. Guest blogging, commenting and engaging in social media discussions are an important part of generating more leads. This also includes becoming part of directories, particularly those in the same industry.

For instance, if you’re in the business of SEO, website design, website writing or provide blogging services, you might add your profile to blog and/or website index like Technorati. The site will generate a code to verify ownership, one like this: QXZKFN87XRMU and will add new a URL to its directory.

Social Media Read Generation

The rule of thumb in social media read generation is to give enough information to pique curiosity but not so much it becomes unnecessary for readers to follow-up. Posting a link with a bit of text is ideal but the text should never be misleading. Making a practice of it only negates future read generation and will hamper efforts to build followers.

Most likely, your business is already engaged in read generation through new blog posting, updating your website writing and using social media marketing. The trick is to be smart about your read generation strategy.


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