August 5, 2022
real estate blogging tips and best practices

Real Estate Blogging Tips: Best Practices

real estate blogging tips and best practicesIt’s a given that every home seller and home buyer will start looking for information on the internet.

Research clearly shows that blogging is an effective marketing tool, as companies which do so receive 55 percent more visitors than businesses which don’t blog. What’s more, those same active entities received 97 percent more inbound links, and also fetched a whopping 434 percent increase in the number of indexed pages–which is a sound case for good SEO.

However, there’s more to real estate blogging than just giving readers a few pointers about buying and selling. Sure, those insider tips are necessary, but they alone won’t give your business more credibility. You need to include other elements in order for your online property to stand out and actively work for you to get the phone to ring a bit more.

To get the advantage of blogging, a move which has gotten 57 percent of companies that use the marketing technique a new client, you’ll have to do more than just list a few selling and buying tricks.

Understanding the Blog Medium

It’s common knowledge that the term “blog” is a contraction of “weblog”, or, what was at one time, a personal digital diary. It evolved from roughly 1994 to 1997 and currently, there are more than 156 million blogs on the web. During the metamorphosis, blogging became more inclusive, and is now where many people go to find information on their hobbies, technology, travel, and of course, real estate.

With the huge popularity of blogging, it’s only reasonable to expect real estate blogs to evolve. Don’t start a blog unless you’re ready to spend the time necessary to post regularly. In most cases, several posts each week will produce the best results as regards both readers and search engines. A bare minimum should be one post per week, though. —James Kimmons, Real Estate Professional

What readers want is information–not just content. They seek out advice, tutorials, and more from blogs on a regular basis. So, to make an article actually work for you, it has to have material which has a purpose. For instance, if you’re into the latest smartphone features for a particular model, you’ll gladly read a post that is just about that very phone but not one which speaks broadly about the operating system which can be found on a dozen other devices you’re not interested in buying.

Top Real Estate Blogging Tips

When you’re ready to start blogging about realty, then it’s time to get in-the-know on how to do it the right way. Here are some helpful real estate blogging tips and best practices which will make your articles useful to visitors and to your business:

  • Start with a topic and then, expand on it more specifically. The great thing about real estate is it encompasses so much: buying, selling, financing, renting, investment property, moving, lifestyles, and the list goes on and on. If you write a post about buying a condo in a certain location, write another about condo financing, and yet another about moving into a condo from a single family.
  • Include relevant facts and statistics for credibility. Look back to the top of this post and you’ll see four stats about business blogging. Do this using current market stats in your area, but don’t go overboard, if it reads like the monthly Realtor associations’ report, visitors will click away.
  • Don’t get caught-up in SEO this and that. If there is one thing that confounds anyone who isn’t in SEO, it’s search engine optimization. Forget about the technical details and write for people, that’s what search engines suggest you do and it will save a lot of time and frustration.
  • Use a format that readers can easily scan. Just like this article, break up your posts with subtitles or headers and use bullet points which can be read and understood quickly.
  • Include an expert source. To impress readers and ensure them they have found sage information, include a quote from a reputable source, like the blockquote above.

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