August 4, 2022

SEO Guest Blogging Basics

SEO guest blogging is another powerful tool among many to increase a target site’s traffic. SEO guest blogging is based on the principle if reputable blogs link to another  site, the target site will see an increase in its page rank.

But SEO guest blogging must be done intelligently. Large stream-of-consciousness word blocks won’t impress other bloggers, nor their audience. And nuanced, esoteric articles will also be a turn-off. For SEO guest blogging to be useful, it must be easily readable. 

SEO Guest Blogging Golden Rule

The content in SEO guest blogging must not only be relevant to the submission site, it shouldn’t be a spun article plucked from the target site’s regular posts. The trick in SEO guest blogging is to present a new take on an old topic or present new information. In other words, SEO guest blogging should be interesting reading.

Succinct Points

Everyone is aware of Shakespeare’s stance on brevity and wit. It was true in the fourteenth century and is true today. Get to the point, don’t bloviate. Instead, stick to the Euler-Lagrange equation and make it a straight line when employing SEO guest blogging.

Rhetorical Questions

Only so much new flavor can be added to a familiar topic. Get the conversation going by asking rhetorical questions when using SEO guest blogging. Open-ended questions cause readers to join in, comment on and share posts–all good things.

Remember Fundamentals

Spell check and proofread for grammatical errors before submitting a post. Take time to actually read your work instead of reciting an article when SEO guest blogging; do some real copyediting. Also include a short bio about yourself with a backlink.

Change-up your backlinks when SEO guest blogging. Not every article should point to your homepage. Backlink to deeper pages and to your social profiles as well. Remember, it’s the world-wide web. And if you don’t write well, consider outsourcing your SEO guest blogging. Lastly, SEO guest blogging shouldn’t be a chore so hire someone if necessary.

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