August 4, 2022
Simple Content Marketing Steps

Simple Content Marketing Steps

Getting noticed in a sea of digital media isn’t easy. Some businesses have massive ad budgets, but the majority do not and must use their resources wisely.

Enter what’s called “content marketing”, a phrase which just means putting out original, valuable information across various platforms to attract visitors and of course, capture more business.

Putting aside all the SEO-this and SEM-that, it comes down to creating content, then distributing said content on your blog and on social media. The trick is to do this consistently, always keeping the reader–not the search engines–in mind. After all, you’re out to increase your bottom line, not appease a piece of software. Consumers will engage with your company and buy from you, search engines will not.

So, let’s strip it down to its essence with these simple content marketing steps…

Simple Content Marketing Steps: One-by-One

You know your industry; and, you know your business and your customers. That’s all you need to know to wind-up a content marketing campaign. With a little effort and some stick-to-itiveness, you’ll get more traffic to your site, increase leads, and capture more conversions.

With content marketing being arguably the most critical piece of an inbound marketing strategy, and with an estimated 60 percent of businesses employing some form of inbound in their marketing, we’re poised to see explosive growth in the way businesses ‘do’ marketing. While consumers continue to tune out traditional, intrusive marketing communications, they increasingly crave the type of genuine, customer-focused information that content marketing delivers. —Forbes

Breaking it down to the nuts-and-bolts, marketing your content isn’t difficult. It also isn’t expensive, only requiring a bit of time to create and share.

Consumers are now in the habit of seeking and retrieving information on-demand. This is just one of many reasons consumers are increasingly disconnecting from traditional marketing. Keeping that fact in mind is critical to success. Consumers don’t want to be bombarded, they want something for nothing and here’s how you give it to them:

  • Start with a theme or point to develop. The topic should be the one you can relate to and are experienced.
  • Create some kind of useful, original content: a blog article, an infographic, a video, or image.
  • Ensure the content delivers on the title, whatever it may be.
  • Include a quote from a recognizable and reputable source to lend credibility to your assertion.
  • Use a conversational tone and get people to interact with a question, a poll, or a timely topic.
  • Run it through a spell and grammar check, then proof read it. Publish it on your blog or digital sharecrop, posting to a social site; Google+ is one that works well, syncing-up with Authorship.
  • Share it on social media and through your email marketing. You can also publish it on other platforms, syndicating the content.
  • Repeat the process of creating new content and share old content as you gain more clients, and followers.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are some ground rules you should follow in order to avoid sabotaging your own efforts.

When you think about it, traditional advertising is useless. You don’t learn anything from it; it’s just a barrage of call-to-actions with graphics, shouting voice-overs, and flashy images. Keep this in mind to keep from turning off your audience:

  • Do include facts and figures from authoritative sources.
  • Do get to the point to keep readers engaged.
  • Do link to relevant, on point articles on your site.
  • Don’t be salesy or try to work in promotions.
  • Don’t weave information into the writing to up the word count. Every sentence should serve a purpose.
  • Don’t turn text into a link farm; too many links annoy readers and split up the page rank.

Basically, your content should give your audience something useful and get them to think and that’s all there is to it!

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