August 7, 2022

“Teach Me SEO!”

teach me SEO“Teach me SEO!” Every professional SEO service provider has heard this phrase at least once from a client eager to get their site on page one of Google, Yahoo! and Bing right at the top spot. And when we hear “teach me SEO“, it’s either borne of true interest or an attempt to learn various tips and tricks, then stop paying for services.

Both reasons are understandable. Most people like to be educated, in-part or in-full, about a service before or during its implementation. It’s why motorists ask questions of their mechanic.

Practicing SEO

Firstly, when someone asks, “teach me SEO“, they have to realize, search optimization isn’t learned in its entirety–period. There are several reasons but the two largest are: it is simply too large to know everything and search engines constantly change their algorithms. In other words, SEO is based on trending technology–what’s true one day might not be true the next.

SEO is practiced, just like practicing law. If you’ve ever wondered why doctors “practice” medicine and attorneys “practice” law, it’s because both are in a constant state of change. New treatments are always being developed. Diseases morph into different forms. Legislatures pass new laws. Juries hand-down new decisions. The only thing constant is a state of change. SEO is in the same boat.

Learning Search Engine Optimization

Type “SEO basics” into a search box and tap the “Enter” key. Looking at the content behind each link on the SERP, you’ll likely find relatively the same information. Then search “SEO trends” and behold the plethora of information. Take careful note of the date. If it’s older than 30 to 90 days, it might not longer be relevant. Should it be dated three or four years ago, it’s of little to no use.

But dates do not tell the entire story. Some information can be months or even years old and still remain true. It just depends on what it is. For example, properly coding META tags is very true. But using article directories to build back or inbound links is not.

Teach Me SEO: Immersion

Of course, there’s nothing stopping any individual from learning SEO. But like with any new concept, it will be difficult to comprehend at first. You’ll find that when you ask “teach me SEO” and someone begins to answer, it’ll be filled with esoteric language and requires knowledge of coding. Some SEO is simply content writing but most is far more complex. There are subtleties which must be observed. These are largely learned through trial-and-error.

The most effective way to learn online optimization is to become immersed. Start with the basics of SEO, then gradually go deeper. Eventually, it will become more clear and intuitive. But reading about something is far different from practicing it.

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