October 1, 2022

Writing SEO Content

writing seo contentWriting SEO content differs from traditional copy writing in a few ways. SEO content writing is similar in that information must be useful to the reader. It also must be useful to the site on which it’s published. When writing content for SEO, there are a few things to remember: relevancy, usefulness and strategic form.

Without these elements, it’s no longer considered writing SEO content but plain language text. It might be fit for a pamphlet or other hard copy, but online it won’t have any impact because it will be considered obscure by search engines.

Writing SEO Content Right

Content writing for SEO requires style and form. And the necessities aren’t a secret. Search engines actually publish SEO elements which need to be present in order to gain higher ranking. The golden rule is to write original content. This rule of writing SEO content of course, includes being relevant. Original and relevant likewise means being useful. Combine these elements with the proper strategic or coding form and you’re writing SEO content search engines will love.

Best SEO Writing Practices

Search engines are machines. But machines programmed by humans. So updates and changes are inevitable. However, there are some best practices when writing SEO content. These are fundamentals which should be included in every article. By incorporating these fundamentals, writers are following the rules. Following the rules means being rewarded.

Basic Principles

  • Unique content should always be produced. Don’t spin or duplicate.
  • Scatter keywords about the copy. Don’t keyword stuff.
  • Fulfill the title’s promise when writing SEO content. Don’t mislead–ever.
  • Place outbound links in your copy. Provide alternative, relevant resources for credibility.
  • Use keywords in the title, meta description, first paragraph, in the body and conclusion.
  • Let writing SEO content come naturally–don’t force it.
  • Make your points concise and understandable.
  • Use plain language as much as possible. Don’t be esoteric or dense.
  • Compel the reader to take action when writing SEO content.

Another important element is to broaden your presence. Use social media to your advantage. So keep it in mind when writing SEO content. Remember, when you’re writing SEO content, you’re targeting humans first, search engines second. Lastly, writing SEO content is really about upping traffic, so don’t get hung-up on salesmanship. Don’t be spammy or pushy.

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