August 4, 2022

Best Times to Post on Social Media

The best times to post on social media depends on the network. Because each site has its own unique features, people use each one in different ways for different reasons.

For instance, Pinterest is a pinboard style image sharing site, so, it’s a great place to post recipes, fashion pics, crafts, and anything with real visual appeal. Twitter, on the other hand, is at-heart, a microblog, so it’s about small bursts of information. LinkedIn is obviously business-centric, while Facebook is a quintessential social network, and Google Plus combines elements of all of these; it also benefits your SEO greatly.

Using the Best Times to Post on Social Media to Your Advantage

It’s not enough to just post content to these platforms, they have to be used as intended. That’s not to say social media can’t be used for small business marketing, it can. But going too far beyond the boundaries will sabotage your time and efforts.

Think from your customers’ perspectives and you’ll find your social media marketing fares much better. Make their experience more robust and worthwhile by giving them something they can use. Your business blog is a great place to do that. It can be a terrific resource for your current and future customers. When they find the information they’re looking for, they’ll return time and again, and moreover, come to trust your blog as a reliable source. That establishes you as an authority and it produces an exponential effect.

When readers see something of value, they share that information with others they know. And that earns your site links, increased traffic, as well as more customers.

Giving More to Get More Back

By regularly posting new articles on your blog, you’ll be able to share snippets, teasers, and more on your social channels. It gives you a reason to share, without being spammy. Implement a sound blogging and social strategy, and you’ll see bigger returns over the long haul.


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