August 4, 2022
common blog writing mistakes

Sorry, You’re Standing Too Close to Your Blog Posts

common blog writing mistakesBecause you’re reading this, you ought to know something: you’re writing from the wrong side of the cash register. In other words, you are selling your products and/or services but readers are interested in themselves, not the hard, or even, soft sell.

The entire purpose of the web, built on the infrastructure of the internet, is the dissemination of information. People search for information of all sorts: feedback from fellow consumers who purchased an item, how to perform a task, what to expect in a certain situation, and the list goes on and on.

Conspicuous by its absence in that list is interrupt, high pressure marketing that’s disguised as a blog post. If you are using this type of tactic, you’re only sabotaging your own efforts. Honest, useful, and well-written blog articles get a lot more traction.

The Most Common Blog Writing Mistakes

Since you run a business that provides products and/or services, it’s only natural you would blog about those offerings. However, you’re probably making the mistake of writing in sales-speak, not truly giving readers what they most want. So, you ought to be aware of these blog writing mistakes:

  • You’re using the wrong devices to build trust. Lawyers are most guilty of committing this mistake. They intertwine statutes, regulations, and codes to convince readers the information is legitimate. However, the best device is to use a real-life example.
  • You’re abruptly pulling the rug-out with a call to action. At the end of every post, you strategically place a CTA. Unfortunately, you’ve just sabotaged the entire article because readers feel the whole thing was a setup and they’ve wasted their time.
  • You’re employing scare tactics. These are supposed to get the phone to ring. After all, with so much on the line, readers will surely starting dialing moments after reaching the end of the post. That’s not happening, because consumers are turned-off by fear mongering.
  • You’re speaking at, not to, your audience. Sure, you might be very proficient and experienced, but you’re not showing any empathy from your know-it-all soapbox because you’re not really telling a story readers can actually relate to and that’s a big problem.

When you write a blog article entry, your goal should be to provide information and even perspective about the topic. If you’re guilty of any of these mistakes, your business blog isn’t going to be an effective tool.

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