September 15, 2022
the four c's of content marketing

The Four C’s of Content Marketing


Here are the four C’s of content marketing…

the four c's of content marketingAs search engines continue to become evermore sophisticated, this machine and software amalgamation is proving again and again that, “content is king.”

Currently, an impressive 90 percent of organizations utilize content marketing, the practice of creating relevant, holistic content and distributing it across various channels to attract and retain a target audience. In fact, it’s known that just adopting a cohesive content marketing strategy doubles website conversion rates from 6 percent to 12 percent.

In addition, inbound marketing delivers 54 percent more leads than traditional outbound marketing (e.g. print ads, radio spots, television commercials, et cetera). A probable reason for this is outbound marketing doesn’t establish a conception about its genuineness and is why 61 percent of consumers report feeling more confident about a company that produces custom content. What’s more, that same majority feels more likely to buy from companies delivering holistic content. 

The Four C’s of Content Marketing

With 8 out of 10 of all United States internet users being reached through social media and blogs, it’s little wonder why HubSpot’s 7th Annual Inbound and Selling Report found companies who publish 15 original blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month. Comparing this strategy again to traditional marketing, it’s not only more effective for reaching a larger audience, but also, more cost effective as brands relying on inbound marketing save $14 for every new customer acquisition.

…you’ve heard the hype about content marketing, read articles on its explosive benefits, and considered its massive potential impact. But your situation is different. Why? Because you’re not angling for online sales. You’re a brick-and-mortar business. Does content marketing work? Can you drive real traffic — real feet in the real door — through an online content strategy? Will you improve revenue? The answer is, “Yes, yes, and yes.” —Forbes

Another statistic reveals that content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than outbound marketing. That is, if it consists of informative content, where consumers find relevant, useful information. The crux of these statistics lie in creating and distributing customized content on a consistent basis. The challenge for most small businesses lies in having an actionable plan. By following these four C’s of content marketing, it’s simpler to adapt inbound marketing to attract, build, and retain an audience:

  1. Conceptualize. In years past, this revolved largely around keywords. However, keywords are losing relevance in relation to search optimization as the semantic web matures. This means recognizing what your target audience is most interested in and wants. That’s not difficult, because it’s the products and services you already sell. Conceptualize topics around these and then fine-tune titles to cater to a niche.
  2. Create. Content must be relevant and it must be well-written. It’s not only paramount to stay on-topic, but also, build content around a title that delivers what said title promises, plus, a bit more. Stay away from the extraneous and include closely related subjects.
  3. Check. Before publishing any new content, run checks to ensure that the copy is clean and lean. Keeping to-the-point while delivering credibility with facts, figures, and common scenarios does much to impress your audience and relate your expertise.
  4. Curate. When ready, distribute your content among a variety of channels. You can then repeat the process by circulating it again as originally constituted, or, in a different way. Remember, curating the same content on different days and times means reaching a new audience of consumers.

Perhaps the most important point is to take the time and effort necessary to deliver results, just as it is with most things in the world of business.

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