January 27, 2022
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The Ultimate Guide For App Marketing Mobile Content Strategy

The about what’s needed for an effective app marketing mobile content strategy and how to leverage tools to create a user base…

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Mobile app marketing can help you promote your app in a way that will help you get more active users and increase the time they spend on your app. In fact, it is so effective that it can help you with almost any aspect of your app.

#1 Build a Good Website

Building a good website for your company or your particular app will help you to achieve a variety of goals all at once. For instance, you will get more exposure, because when people will search for your app, they will come across your website.

A great website will also help you keep all of the information about your app in one place for your target audience to access easily. This way, you will know that your potential app users are getting all of the latest functionality and feature specs your app has to offer.

#2 Put Together an SEO Plan

Once you have your website all set up, it is important that you move to a more active phase of marketing which is putting together an SEO plan. Search engine optimization is fundamental for properly promoting your app and instrumental for your content strategy as a whole.

When putting together your SEO plan, try to think both about the general picture and about the smaller details. You need to find a balance between the two so that your strategy is comprehensive and effective as possible.

#3 Use Social Media Marketing

A content strategy for your website (and even a blog if you create one to get more organic traffic) can be very efficient, but social media remains one of the best places for finding a dedicated audience. Not only will you get more exposure, but you will also grow your online following.

Depending on the type of app you have, you will need to choose a more relevant social media platform (e.g. visual apps do better on Instagram and Pinterest). Then, create social media profiles for your app and start publishing great content that will attract attention.

#4 Engage with Your Users

Engaging with online users will help you develop a better connection with your audience and create strong bonds that will turn your potential customers into long-term app users. In addition to that, engaging with users can be done through a variety of channels too.

For instance, once your app gets installed, you need to use push notifications for keeping your users engaged. Try to collect regular feedback to get a better picture of what can and should be improved. Communicate with potential customers on social media.

#5 Get Reviews of Your App

Getting reviews of your app is extremely important both because this will get the word out about your creation and because it will start building your reputation and the reputation of your app. You want to be doing this early on to establish yourself as fast as possible.

You could use a freelance writer from Online Writers Rating to write a review for your once or twice, but remember that real people should be the ones writing such feedback and posting it on relevant websites. Besides, you could also specifically submit your app to review sites.

#6 Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor is not always a path open to anyone in the app development industry. However, if you have such an opportunity and you possess the budget for it, then it is definitely something you need to do as soon as possible.

Sponsoring a contest, a giveaway, or a social event might just be what you need. Think of what your target audience could potentially be interested in and then plan it out. Sometimes, hosting even an online event can be enough to get the word out about your company or app, so you don’t need to solely rely on offline events.

#7 Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing might not sound like an obvious choice when promoting your mobile app, but it can actually be very effective if done right. Once your website grows a little, there will be people who will want to promote your app and get paid for it.

That’s when you should create your own affiliate marketing program and offer it to such marketers or promoters. As long as it is something affiliate marketers can profit from, it will be appealing enough for them to try it out.

#8 Optimize Your Mobile App Listing

The primary channel through which you will be marketing your app in the app store whether for Android, iOS, or any other platform. This is why you will need to optimize your mobile app listing on every such app store you use.

There are certain things you need to keep in mind during this process, so think about all the small things that might not have crossed your mind otherwise including keywords, screenshots of the app, and so on.

#9 Work with Others

Working with other app creators or simply other influencers can be extremely beneficial for both of you. However, you need to remember that this tactic only works when you already have some kind of online outreach.

The logic is that you get exposed to the audience of your partner while they get exposed to your audience. This results in your followers becoming their followers too while their followers become yours, so both of your audiences grow.

#10 Offer a Demo Version

Last but not least, don’t forget to offer a demo version of your app. If you feel like offering a demo is not something you can do, you can offer a full version but for a limited amount of time such as 7 days, 10 days, etc.

You also need to make a short demo video advertising your app. Not everyone will want to spend time reading about it, so a video can do it quickly and with a smaller amount of effort.

Final Thoughts

All in all, having a solid content marketing plan for your app is essential, so you need to create one even if you feel like it might be redundant. Follow the tips in this article to perfect your app marketing mobile content strategy.

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