August 5, 2022
Law Firm Blogging Tips

Top Law Firm Blogging Tips

When people are faced with a possible or active legal predicament, they take to the internet to find answers. Legal services are expensive; so, to get people to act, pick up the phone or visit the office, you need effective marketing. Putting answers in front of the public is a way to build not only credibility, but trust.

In reality, the very fact you’re a practicing attorney establishes credibility in the mind of the reader. It’s providing the information being sought which builds trust. If people find the answer they are looking for, it assures them they have found the right source. This is the crux of law firm blogging, give a little to gain a lot.

Blogs, Marketing, and SEO

Search engines might use complicated algorithmic signals to determine which results to display to a query, but the intent is very simple: show the highest quality, most relevant results. SEO boils down to basic marketing; it’s just in a digital medium. What many businesses get caught up in is the mysticism of search engine optimization; that is to say reverse engineering. However, search engines set the rules of the game, so it isn’t possible to play outside the rules to gain an everlasting advantage.

Including a blog in your online marketing plan can help establish a positive online personality, position you as an expert in your area of practice, and help leverage social media to generate new clients. —LexisNexis

Take Matt Cutts, the Chief Webspam Engineer at Google, he answers questions in a YouTube video series under Webmaster Help. Cutts consistently advises viewers to “create a great site with quality content that people will love and want to share”. He also repeatedly tells anyone who has ears to hear not to ruminate on Google search algo changes, instead, focus on providing informative, useful content. Cutts says this because that is the sole purpose of the internet: to share information.

Law Firm Blogging Done Right

Good SEO is based on publishing fresh, quality content. Search engines crawl the web looking for new content, and that’s where blogging comes into play. Understanding that, while very useful, only gets you part-way there; blogging for any business, a law firm or otherwise, has to be done correctly. Here are some tips to get the most from your legal blog:

  • Ease off the legalese. It’s easy to unconsciously weave legal terminology into an article. However, it’s important to keep perspective as to the audience. Sure, “loss of consortium” and “collateral estoppel” mean something to you, but these terms will befuddle readers just as the term “conservation of angular momentum” will likely puzzle you. Use legal jargon sparingly, and when you do, explain it or readers might shout “Objection to form!” and click away.
  • Show some personality. Law firms are considered by the public at-large to be stodgy; break down that misconception by allowing your personality to shine through. It not only will help to engage visitors, it will build trust.
  • Cut out contingencies. Everyone who’s been in the legal field knows that anything can happen at any time, there’s no telling how a judicial assistant will react to a request or how opposing counsel will greet your latest trick. You may cite a couple or few scenarios, but don’t go down the rabbit hole.
  • Speak on an individual level. Too often, there’s a “class action” mentality that overtakes the tone of a law firm blog post. Pronouns, whether proper or personal are powerful. Just don’t let them confuse the meaning of what you’re trying to relate.
  • Share what you write. Your blog might have articles linking to one another, but that doesn’t make it less of a digital island; along with an outbound link, create inbound links by sharing articles on social media.

If you want to leverage the benefits of blogging, but don’t have the time, then contact us. We can blog for your practice, providing you with great articles that answer common questions in your area of practice.

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