September 15, 2022
rules of business blogging

Top Rules of Business Blogging

rules of business bloggingIf you have a website, a business blog is an absolute must. Static sites don’t perform well in organic search precisely because these properties lack regular activity. Search engines put much emphasis on activity because there’s inherent value in well written, informative content. It’s the very purpose of the web, to share information.

People search the internet to find specifics and learn about things. The higher the quality and the more details presented, the better content will perform. That’s not only true with search engines, but with people as well. Consumers come to trust a source because it provides reliable information that’s usable, easy to read, and understandable.

Top Reasons for Business Blogging

The reasons for having and regularly updating a business blog actually have more to do with people than search engines. Though it’s true search algorithms do rank sites, in-part, on routine, quality activity, it’s people that are most important. Consumers decide whether or not they like, relate, and trust content. If they do, it will be that business they do business with.

For example, someone needs a product or service and finds three sites which sell what they need. The first site is very sparse, with little information. The second site has a lot more information, but hasn’t been updated in months. The third site has good information and is up-to-date with fresh content. Which business will get the sale?

To gain business with your blog you should stop thinking like a salesman and start acting like your reader’s mentor. A salesman wonders how to get his next sale. A mentor cares about his students. He wants to help them get ahead and live a more fulfilled life. By providing solid advice on a regular basis, you build authority and trust; and that’s how you win new customers. —

This is probably why 60 percent of all business which blog get new customers, as research from a Hubspot survey reveals. Blogging allows consumers to get expert information about products and services, like in the above example, which leads to more conversions. Another reason to blog is it gives a business personality, making it more accessible to consumers. What’s more, it allows you to share content on social media, helping to generate more interest.

The Most Important Rules of Business Blogging

In order to get real results from blogging, you’ll have to integrate a strategy that makes the marketing practice worthwhile. Too many business owners make the mistake of treating their blog like a sales tools rather than a relationship building medium. Here are  most imperative rules for business blogging:

  • Write to inform, not to sell. This can’t be emphasized enough because it’s the one thing that will do the very opposite of generating business. Your blog should be helpful to people and not a sales megaphone. If you write to sell, you’ll know it because you won’t attract and retain readers.
  • Create content that’s share-worthy. The way search engines work is changing and has been for a few years, moving more toward semantic search and away from what’s been normal for many years. That means you have the freedom to create content that is more natural. Write titles and content that’s interesting, presenting a different perspective.
  • Make articles easy to read. Droning-on in long paragraphs is a big no-no. You can write long articles, up to 1,200 words, but it’s best to break that into two posts. Use subheadings and numbered lists or bullet points for the most important information.
  • Get readers to think. Ask questions, present scenarios, delve into certain aspects, things that capture reader attention and present the writer as an authorative source. If you use technical terms or industry nomenclature, explain it.

Finally, always give readers the information they sought out. Don’t allow tangents to be a distraction. Whatever you title a post, be sure to address it and give insight where you can. Readers will feel they’ve found the right source if you do.  Remember to keep on message; and, don’t forget to spell check and proofread before publishing a post.

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