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Top Video Marketing Tools for 2019

top video marketing tools

Video marketing is such a huge trend in marketing nowadays. Social video gets 1200% more shares than image and text put together. 92% of mobile video users share videos with others. So, here are the top video marketing tools for 2019.

Top Video Marketing Tools for 2019

The power of video marketing is undeniably evident in that it’s all around us. Creating content, though, is problematic for most businesses. That’s okay, here is a list of the best video marketing tools out there for 2019:


This platform offers video editing, hosting and a library of tutorials about marketing. Wistia also gives you an embedded player that you can use for your site. Having your own player is essential for your business because using a Youtube player may distract your user with ads and promos.

You can also include CTAs in your videos as Wistia provides clickable calls to action.

The best feature Wistia gives clients is restricting where your videos get played based on the domain. This prevents others from stealing your content.

The only way you can do this in Youtube is disabling embedding videos, which means you can’t embed them as well.

You can try out Wistia for free, but you are limited to only three videos. Subscription starts at $99 per month.


If you want to turn your pictures into a video slideshow, Flipagram is one of the most accessible platforms that you can use.

It’s nice to know that you are not limited to using images here, you can also splice videos and create your content.

You can choose your background music to add to your video. Plus, you can download Flipagram for iOS and Android for free.

Stop Motion Audio

If your brand uses claymation as your animation of choice, then Stop Motion Audio is for you.

This platform gives you that Wallace and Gromit feel which is popular during the Christmas season.

Stop Motion Audio supports these features:

You can also add movies and titles using eight different themes. The best version with all the features included will cost you $8.99


One of the most popular video marketing software among experts is Animoto.

Animoto gives you an online editor that allows you to compete with the pros when it comes to video marketing content. The company claims that you can finish great production videos in minutes.

You can create your slideshow videos with plenty of options. You can choose the right text, font, color, and size plus add a collage, layout and timing.

There are a lot of Animoto videos that you can watch to see if this platform is right for you.


We all know how expensive it is to put some known personalities in your video. You can try out animation by using Powtoon.

This tool allows you to put cartoon characters in your video. They can move, show emotions and interact with one another.

You can also add icons and backgrounds that fit into your brand. Check out their sample videos to discover what you can do with Powtoon.

Pricing starts at $19 per month.


This tool is a cloud-based video editor. A favorite feature is JumpStart which allows video editing at a fast clip. Using JumpStart means that you don’t need to wait for your video to upload before you start working on it.

You can also get access to 600 formats of images, video, audio, and graphics. There is a green screen option for the creative editor.


If you want to create animated videos but you prefer not to use cartoons then Sellamations can help you develop doodles instead.

Doodles are hand-drawn images that you can use in your videos that are popular in video marketing today. You can see the hand draw the pictures while watching the video.

It’s a modern way to market your brand, but it won’t work with all market segments.

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