September 16, 2022
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Weekend Blog Posts Get More Social Shares?

Credit: TrackMaven

Washington, D.C.–Marketing intelligence company, TrackMaven, released a study entitled, “Colossal Content Marketing Report“, which finds weekend blog posts do get more social shares than articles published during the work week.

The company analyzed over 4,500 blogs, which published 87 percent of their posts through the work week. The remaining 13 percent which published over the weekend, experienced more social shares. What’s more, a mere 6.3 percent published on Saturday, but received 18 percent of the total amount of shares.

Oddly, the findings suggest there is a disconnect between publishing time and when an audience actually engages the content. For instance, data demonstrates that visitor engagement peaks after work hours in the United States. Articles published between 9 p.m. and 12 .am. garnered the most shares, with the largest period of engagement occurring from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Weekend Blog Posts Outperform Daytime Publishing

“While your brand’s blog content might be aimed at professional growth, leisure hours are readers’ preferred time to read, reflect, and share the content that resonates most with them. So content marketers, take note – just because your content is educational or work related, doesn’t mean it should come during working hours,” TrackMaven wrote in its report.

The tracking firm’s data also shows that titles asking questions receive the most social shares. An astounding 46 percent of shares came from just 5 percent of titles which contained a single question mark, which is almost double than posts without question titles.

TrackMaven concludes that brands which are able to establish an emotional connection tend to be the most successful with their content marketing.

“Blogging is no longer about overtly spreading brand awareness, as the marketers who prosper with blogging effectiveness are giving back to their readers.”

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