May 26, 2022
Google Plus Authorship

What Google Plus Authorship Can Do for Your Business

Google Plus AuthorshipGoogle Plus Authorship does far more than just point to your social profile, it is a powerful tool that tells the world’s largest search engine about you–and that’s a very good thing. You see, it not only allows your picture to show up in Google’s organic search, it tells the search engine’s algorithms that you are an expert in your field.

Another way of putting it is by thinking about Big G in the way it really is: software. It’s a machine, not a person who can rationally understand concepts. In place of this, the search engine uses algorithmic signals which “weigh” certain criteria for organic ranking. So, if you consistently update your business blog, you are adding value, not only to your own site and audience, but to the search engines because they come to equate your Google Authorship with the content, which in-turn, “labels” you as an expert.

Google Plus Authorship Explained

When you create a Google Plus profile, you are branding yourself, and your company through  the search engine’s proprietary system. As you publish more content on your site, particularly on your blog, you are essentially able to make a Google page or, a profile that can easily be associated with you as a person and your company brand.

So if you are an expert in your industry and are not taking advantage of Google Authorship, you are missing out. Google will not see you as an expert, which could mean your content will not rank as well and therefore you might not get much organic traffic or get the kudos you deserve in your industry. —Forbes

You see, the average person who comes into your establishment or phones your business, is of course, seeking out a product or service. They come to you because they know you have said product or offer said service. The search engines, up until now, have had to rely on third parties to reiterate such information, which is how sites ranked higher in the past. That led to link building, which has dropped in its importance as a ranking factor.

Now, when you make a Google Plus business page, and populate it with information relevant to your company and provide insight and information through your blog, Google can then directly associate that content and give you the credit. The result will be more traffic to your site.

Putting It to Work for Your Business

If you’re wondering  how to get on Google search, you ought to be looking at two things: Google Plus Authorship (which is really nothing more than creating a Google+ account), and content marketing, or if you prefer, blogging. These two things work in synergy to promote your business upward in organic search. And here’s why you should care, as well as using Authorship through your blog:

  • It promotes your company through social media. Today and well into the future, Google and Bing are giving more weight to social signals because those can’t be faked. It makes your business more approachable and gives it a kind of personality.
  • It puts your business on the map-literally. With a Google Plus Authorship associated with your business, it gets placed on Google Maps. And that’s critical to being found when people search for the products you sell and/or the service you provide.
  • It allows you to get natural links. When people search for something and find good information, they link back to it on their own site, their blog, or their social profiles. That creates a geometric expansion as the people who are reading or following that person’s blog and/or social profiles will also link.
  • It sets you up for Author Rank. The coming roll out of Author Rank will be tied to you Authorship account, which will position your business for better visibility in organic search.

The bottom line is, you should claim your Google+ page and start publishing on your blog regularly, you’ll see a measurable uptick in your site traffic, get more backlinks, more social shares, and more sales.

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