May 1, 2021
fake Facebook accounts

Facebook Says it Deleted an Astounding 1.5 Billion Fake Accounts in just Five Months

Fake Facebook accounts are nothing new and the social network just released a report which shows there’s a lot to deal with…

Facebook is huge. Make that ginormous. With approximately 2.2 billion users worldwide, it’s really tough to police the expansive space. The company released its community standards report. And, it reports removing 1.5 billion fake accounts from April to September.

1.5 Billion Fake Facebook Accounts Deleted between April and September

In Q2 2018, Facebook purged 800 million and another 754 million in Q3. Comparatively, it removed 534 million in the first quarter of the year — giving some sense of scale of its spam problem.

Most of these are due to commercial chicanery: 

“These numbers are largely affected by external factors, such as cyber attacks that increase fake accounts on Facebook. Bad actors try to create fake accounts in large volumes automatically using scripts or bots, with the intent of spreading spam or conducting illicit activities such as scams.”

The social corporation relies heavily on algorithms to detect fakes. So much, these catch most before humans do and that record has improved substantially since its debut. In fact, Facebook states 99.6 percent of fake profiles expunged between April and September were detected by AI.

That’s not all. Facebook also removed 2.1 billion pieces of spam during the same five month period.

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