October 3, 2022
19 New Malicious Android Adware Apps Identified

Delete these 19 Apps Right Now before They Unload Malicious Adware

Another batch of nefarious malware-infected apps have been discovered and Google deleted them from the Play Store; now its time for users to do the same…

If it feels like there’s always another news story about nasty apps people have unwittingly downloaded, that’s because it does happen more often than it should. In the latest example, there’s nineteen bad programs out there, according to a recent report by White Ops, a cyber security firm.

19 New Malicious Android Adware Apps Identified

The apps in question have already been removed from the Google Play Store. This, after Google Play Protect and the company’s algorithms failed to detect the schemers. And, with over 3.5 million downloads, that means there’s a whole lot of people who installed one or more. Sadly, just because they’ve been pulled down from the online marketplace doesn’t automatically make them disappear from consumers’ devices.

This slew of malware-ridden apps works in a very quirky way. They are intentionally programmed to trick users into believing they don’t work. Or, cannot be properly installed. In fact, they remove their own icons shortly after being installed to hide away and make it all the more difficult to track down and uninstall.

Instead of stealing personal information, this batch of apps is infected with adware. Meaning anyone who downloads them gets bombarded with ads and/or sent to shady web portals. Basically, they are a real nuisance, designed to hijack user experience. Here’s the list of apps to delete ASAP:

  • Auto Picture Cut
  • Color Call Flash
  • Square Photo Blur
  • Square Blur Photo
  • Magic Call Flash
  • Easy Blur
  • Image Blur
  • Auto Photo Blur
  • Photo Blur
  • Photo Blur Master
  • Super Call Screen
  • Square Blur Master
  • Square Blur
  • Smart Blur Photo
  • Smart Photo Blur
  • Super Call Flash
  • Smart Call Flash
  • Blur Photo Editor
  • Blur Image

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