December 9, 2021
2015 Sony Android TVs Updating to 2017 Android 8 Oreo

2015 Sony Android TVs are Receiving Software Updates — to 2017’s Android 8 Oreo — in 2020

Some Sony Android televisions, manufactured and sold in 2015, are just now being updated to a newer software version, but it’s from 2017…

It might be near mid-2020 and Android 11 beta just dropped. But, some devices are just now upgrading to an older iteration — much older. In fact, Sony televisions, or Bravia devices, are finally receiving Android 8 Oreo. (Which debuted in August of 2017, nearly three years ago.) Well, better late than never.

2015 Sony Android TVs Updating to 2017 Android 8 Oreo

The 2015 Android TVs getting upgraded are supposedly KD- KE- and XBR- models. Although, at this time, there’s not much official documentation on the updates. However, it is reassuring to see that five year old devices are still receiving newer systems. But, this does lag behind what most of these types of devices are currently running — Android 9 Pie.

Still, this is indicative of how things work in the world of technology — be it software, firmware, hardware, or a combination of two or all three. For example, more recent television models by Sony only received Android 8 Oreo in January.  So, the notorious fragmentation of Android continues through its strange saga. Sony Android TV owners should be on the lookout for the OTA, which could arrive at any time but might be quite a while before it drops.

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