October 23, 2021
2017 mobile app revenue

2017 Mobile App Revenue Rose 35 Percent, Reaching Nearly $60 Billion

2017 mobile app revenue reached close to $60 billion in total sales, representing an increase of about 35 percent from 2016’s $43.5 billion…

Worldwide 2017 mobile app revenue hit nearly $60 billion, a new report reveals. The study includes paid apps, subscriptions, as well as in-app purchases via Google Play and the Apple Store.

2017 Mobile App Revenue Grew 35 Percent to Almost $60 Billion

But, Apple is the clear winner, with nearly double the sales. The Apple Store recorded $38.5 billion in 2017, with Google Play earning $20.1 billion, according to intelligence firm Sensor Tower. However, when combined, the two marketplaces grew collective revenues over 2016. For the Apple Store, earnings increased by 34.7 percent, while Google Play grew 34.2 percent compared to 2016.

All totaled, the two digital stores took in $58.7 billion, which represents an increase of 35 percent from 2016. (It’s important to note, the Sensor Tower figures closely line up with Apple’s official numbers.)

At least some of the growth can easily be attributed to emerging markets, along with the new support for Apple in-app subscriptions. Although, the company does take a 30 percent cut. The developers earned approximately $26.5 billion last year. This is a bit surprising considering US consumers average zero app downloads per month due to app fatigue. So, the 2017 mobile app revenue can more logically be attributed to other markets, particularly emerging markets.

Even though the Apple Store earned more, Google Play accounted for the majority of downloads. Google Play recorded 16.7 of downloads, while Apple claimed 6.7 percent. What’s more, Google Play hit 64 billion first-time installs, compared to Apple’s 28 billion. Furthermore, mobile gaming revenue reached $48.3 billion, a growth of 30 percent, compared to 2016. This figure also represents 82 percent of all 2017 mobile app revenue.