July 27, 2021
YouTube video takedowns

Google Introduces New Reporting Dashboard, Posts YouTube Video Takedown Stats

YouTube video takedowns for a three-month period in late 2017 number 6.7 million, with 8 million being flagged for review…

Presently, there are 1.57 monthly active users or MAUs, 30+ million daily active users or DAUs on YouTube. More than 5 billion videos have already been shared to-date. The average viewing session lasts 40 minutes, with 300 hours of content uploaded every hour. There are also 500 million mobile views per day and about 300,000 YouTube TV subscribers. It’s a gigantic platform and it’s a monumental task to locate and remove videos which violate the site’s Community Guidelines.

2017 YouTube Video Takedowns Report Released

Now, the first YouTube Community Guidelines Enforcement Report — a part of Google’s Transparency Report site — covers October to December 2017. Subsequent reports will be posted quarterly, providing enforcement details. 

YouTube relies not just on machines, but also people and organizations to help police content. It also has a “Trusted Flagger” program to assist in identifying inappropriate content. In fact, during October and December of last year, 9.32 million video were flagged by humans. It’s a complex system which employs both technology and people to keep the platform free of hate speech, extremist propaganda, and more. During the last quarter of 2017, Google removed 76 percent of flagged videos before a single view.

Watch an explainer video below and read the full report here.