October 19, 2020
2018 Facebook July Memories

2018 Facebook July Memories Photo Collage Rolls Out to Android, iOS, Web

The 2018 Facebook July Moments photo collage comes to Android, iOS, and the web for users to share their moments in an editable collection…

Facebook has released its 2018 July Memories photo collection. This time, instead of appearing randomly at the top of the News Feed, like previously, the monthly collage now surfaces in the Memories section.

2018 Facebook July Memories Photo Collage Rolls Out to Android, iOS, Web

The company continues to fight against three big negative dynamics. The first is “context collapse,” or a downward trend of people sharing less organically. (Internally referred to as a decline in “original content broadcasting”).

Second, North American user growth has seemingly plateaued. In fact, in the last few months, U.S. Instagram usage increased enough to near parity of Facebook on Android, according to recent data from Similar WebThird, recent scandals have taken their toll on the platform.

This year, the social network has already served up a Facebook February Moments video, then a March Moments video, followed by an April Moments video. Facebook also curated a May Moments video. Last to circulate was the 2018 June Moments video.

Its moments collections are part of an ongoing effort to encourage users to share more. The company serves these both monthly and seasonally. But, the latter outperforms the former. It previously released July and August last year, along with September and October. However, seasonal releases earned more interactions — such as last year’s Spring Memories and later, Facebook Winter Memories.

How to Get the 2018 Facebook July Memories Collection

To get the 2018 Facebook July Memories picture collage, simply open the app on Android or iOS, or visit the desktop site. Then, navigate to the Memories bookmark. If available, it will appear at the very bottom. If it doesn’t appear, simply check back periodically over the next several days. It’s currently rolling out, so not all users will see it immediately. (Please note that Facebook only serves its collections spontaneously.)

Oddly, users cannot tag other people in the collection. Instead, users can only select a charity to support when initially posting. However, it is possible to edit the collage once published and tag friends. Although, the default tag friends option does not appear. The only three supported editing options are: “Background Color,” “GIF,” and “List.”

In fact, tagging someone after publishing the post weirdly appears this way on desktop:

2018 Facebook July Memories desktop

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