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Here’s the Latest 2019 Emoji Candidates, including a Flamingo and an Axe

2019 emoji 12.0 candidates

Credit: The Verge

The latest 2019 emoji 12.0 candidates include some takes on familiar icons, while also including a few odd choices, to boot…

At the beginning of last month, Unicode unveiled its list for the 2019 emoji 12.0 candidates. Now, Emojipedia is getting in on the action with an updated roster. All totalled, there are 58 candidates, including men’s briefs, falafel, along with a mechanical arm and mechanical leg.

2019 Emoji 12.0 Candidates Updated List Rolls Out

These represent more possibilities to the ever-expanding library. And, many will make it to the final cut, being added to the Unicode standard which applies to consumer devices.

Most are just variations of existing icons, with changes to colors. For instance, a white or brown heart and circular and square animations with offering different colors. But, there are also a few which stand out. Most notably, an axe and a flamingo. Plus, the disabilities icons remain in the running. (Which include a guide dog, an ear fitted with a hearing aid, and a motorized wheelchair.

Of course, these still must pass muster to make it to the finals. Those which go all the way will then be released in March of 2019. So, there’s quite a way to go yet. 

The last edition contained 130 additions in beta Emoji 11.0 but others were later added. Those extras included sewing, knitting, and skateboarding, among others. Making the final tally 161 for 2018.

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