November 11, 2022
2019 Facebook April Moments video

2019 Facebook April Moments Video Rolls Out to Android, iOS, and the Web

The 2019 Facebook April Moments video collection is currently rolling out to users on Android and iOS, signaling a continued fight against context collapse…

Facebook just released its April Moments video collage on Android, iOS, and desktop. It’s appearing in the Memories section, like previous collection releases. This represents yet another monthly collection which Facebook announced several months ago.

2019 Facebook April Moments Video Rolls Out to Android, iOS, and Desktop

Facebook first started making the collections available right around the time its site metrics took a downward turn. The social network, which now boost over 2.3 billion users, is slowly losing popularity in key markets, particularly in North America. Users are spending less time on the platform and sharing less organic content. This is part of the reason for the many changes to the News Feed.

The Facebook Memories collections have garnered mixed reactions from users. Some have proven very popular, but others did not perform as well. Some examples include: Spring Memories, June, July, and August, Summer Memories, as well as September and October memory collections. (Other recent curations are the Facebook March Moments video and Facebook Winter Memories.)

Facebook releases these collages to prod users to share more. The site is experiencing what it internally calls “context collapse,” or a decrease in “original content broadcasting.”

In fact, a report from Edison Research revealed the social network’s usage was decidedly down for the first time among Americans in November 2017. It revealed a decline from 67 percent to 62 percent in American users 12 years of age and older. What’s more, the social site is either down or flat in every single demographic. (Whether it’s age groups, gender, or ethnicity.)

Another tracking analysis also uncovered a worsening situation. In December 2017, time-on-site dropped 18 percent, a substantial decrease from the previous month. This represents a 24 percent decline in time spent per user.

How to Get the 2019 Facebook April Moments Video

To get the 2019 Facebook April Moments video, simply open the app on Android or iOS, or visit the desktop site. Then, navigate to the Memories bookmark. If available, it will appear at the very bottom.

If it is not there, simply check back periodically over the next several days. It’s currently rolling out, so not all users will see it immediately. (Please note that Facebook only serves its collections spontaneously.)

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