September 15, 2022
2019 Facebook Spring Memories

2019 Facebook Spring Memories Roll Out to Android, iOS, and the Web

The 2019 Facebook Spring Memories come to Android, iOS, and the web for users to share their personalized look-back photo collages…

The 2019 Facebook Spring Memories picture collage is now making its way out to users. Like previous seasonal collections, this features photos from the past few months. It follows the recent ‘The Moments That Bring Us Closer‘ video, which debuted recently.

2019 Facebook Spring Memories Roll Out to Android, iOS, and the Desktop

Facebook began distributing these collections some time ago, releasing them on a monthly, and seasonal basis. The seasonal memories have proven among the most popular with users over the monthly collections.

As with the last several releases, users report broken functionality with editing, tagging friends, and other standard tools. Although these options do appear with the collections, they don’t necessarily work.this comes at a time when Facebook is trying to get past a slew of bad publicity.

The world’s largest social network with more than 2.3 billion users globally, has suffered a number of self-inflicted scandals over the past several months. It’s been found to store users’ passwords in plaintext, paid teens to collect their data, and engaged in other questionable practices that have eroded users trust.

These are tough challenges and they join context collapse or a decline in original content broadcasting. That’s a trend in which users are sharing less organically.

How to Get the 2019 Facebook Spring Memories Collection

To get the latest Facebook Spring Memories photo collage, simply open the app on Android or iOS, or visit the desktop site and go to Memories. Just check back periodically over the next several days if it’s not there. It’s currently rolling out, so not all users will see it immediately.

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