August 2, 2021
2019 YouTube statistics

Latest YouTube Statistics for 2019 Reveal Huge Numbers behind the Video Hosting Site

The latest 2019 YouTube statistics show there’s really big numbers involved with the immensely popular video hosting site…

Google acquired video hosting site YouTube in November of 2006 for $1.65 billion in stock. At the time, it represented the search engine’s second-largest purchase. Today, it’s the second-most used search engine and the largest video platform on the internet.

2019 YouTube Statistics

YouTube is enormous. And, it seems to grow in several key measurements by the day. Here’s the latest 2019 YouTube statistics:

  • 2 billion monthly users. This is approximately one-fourth of the entire population of the planet. About 62 percent users are men, with 38 percent being women.
  • 500 hours of new content uploaded every minute. Just a few months ago, parent company Google revealed every minute, over 500 hours of content goes live. This equates to 30,000 per hour and 720,000 hours per day.
  • 5 billion videos watched daily. People watch an astounding 5 billion videos every day, equally approximately 150 billion per month. By comparison, Netflix claims just over 1 billion hours of watch time per week.
  • 70 percent of watch time is on mobile devices. Unsurprisingly, mobile accounts for the main access point via smartphones and tablets. The remaining 30 percent comes from internet-connected devices, such as desktops and televisions.
  • 40 minutes is the average viewing session. YouTube is well-known for its prowess to capture people. For the sake of comparison, the average Facebook session is about 5 minutes, according to data compiled by Statista.
  • YouTube is available in 80 languages in 91 countries. The video portal is accessible in 91 countries and 80 languages, covering about 95 percent of the internet population.

Lastly, the current market valuation of YouTube is between $140 and $160 billion. (Morgan Stanley estimated the latter figure in an investors note last year.)

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