November 2, 2022
BeiTaDa adware

Security Researcher Finds 238 Google Play Store Apps Infected with Dangerous Adware

BeiTaDa adware, a dangerous type of mobile infiltration software, was discovered on over two hundred programs in the Google Play Store…

Lookout, a security company, has found 238 apps hosted on the Google Play Store with over 440 million installs, to contain a dangerous piece of adware known as “BeiTaDa.”

All of the apps appear to come from just one Chinese development studio and Google itself did not detect the adware on its own. Instead, Lookout informed Google, which then removed all of the apps in question.

238 Google Play Store Apps Found Infected with Dangerous Adware, BeiTaAd

What the adware does is downright devious. According to Lookout, the BeiTaDa program is different than others:

“While out-of-app ads are not particularly novel, those served by this plugin render the phones nearly unusable. Users have reported being unable to answer calls or interact with other apps, due to the persistent and pervasive nature of the ads displayed. These ads do not immediately bombard the user once the offending application is installed, but become visible at least 24 hours after the application is launched.”

Whoever was behind its creation knew how to render the adware source practically undetectable. The infected apps in question might have remained available for the past seven months. But, the exact time-frame is unknown.

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