October 1, 2022
Yelp business features

3 New Yelp Business Features Announced

Three new Yelp business features will soon be available to Android and iOS mobile app users, all to create a more robust and better user experience…

Yelp is launching three new user features which should benefit small businesses. These include: user photo check-in, a change in the way business images appear, and allows users to share their own bookmarked connections. All three will soon be available on the Yelp mobile app, for both Android and iOS.

Three New Yelp Business Features Coming Soon

The user photo check in feature is called a “yelfie.” When users check into a location, they can opt to take a photo of the business. Doing so will cause the camera to flip and they can elect to take a “yelfie,” accompanied by the business’ name and a rating. The social company states yelfies are a, “fun way to capture your experiences with local businesses in-the-moment.” Below is a short, 23-second video explaining this new feature:

About 100,000 photos are uploaded to Yelp per day and the social network’s team is embracing AI machine learning. This will eventually identify the highest-quality images to appear on business pages. That’s a huge benefit to small businesses, which often suffer from users uploading poor quality photos.

Yelp is also making bookmark collections shareable, allowing users to organize and curate lists of businesses. The bookmark collection feature is new itself, launching just this past October. A simple share icon creates a link or a social media post.

Yelp reports having 174 unique monthly users. Of those, 25 through its mobile app, 72 million on the mobile web, and 77 million on desktop. The company underwent controversy in the past over its business practices. Back in September 2014, Yelp won a pay-for-play court ruling.

Facebook by far remains the ruling social media platform, with 1.7 billion users worldwide. That network just denied spreading ransomware to its users through its proprietary property and Messenger.

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