October 26, 2021
30 New Malicious Malware Adware Android Apps Found on the Google Play Store

Downloaded One or More of These 30 Spam or Malware Apps? Delete them Right Now

Android malware apps and other bad programs, have again cropped up on the Google Play Store and been removed, so people need to delete them now…

The cycle of detecting and removing nasty apps from the Google Play Store continues. Just recently, a new batch of bad programs have been found and pulled down from the platform. Unfortunately, them being vanquished from the site doesn’t mean they’ll magically disappear from users’ devices.

30 New Malicious, Malware, Adware Android Apps Found on the Google Play Store

Security researchers from WhiteOps have published a report which reveals malicious apps with millions of downloads. The majority masquerade as beauty filters and camera apps. But, the real purpose is to spam advertisements and trigger sudden redirects to scam websites. (Some of the apps even delete their own icons in order to make them more difficult to find and remove.)

Here’s the complete list of adware, malware, and other bad apps to delete immediately from any mobile device:

  • Yoroko Camera
  • Solu Camera
  • Lite Beauty Camera
  • Beauty Collage Lite
  • Beauty & Filters Camera
  • Photo Collage & Beauty Camera
  • Beauty Camera Selfie Filter
  • Gaty Beauty Camera
  • Pand Selife Beauty Camera
  • Catoon Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Benbu Selife Beauty Camera
  • Pinut Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  • Mood Photo Editor & Selife Beauty Camera
  • Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  • Fog Selife Beauty Camera
  • First Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  • Vanu Selife Beauty Camera
  • Sun Pro Beauty Cameraa
  • Funny Sweet Beauty Camera
  • Little Bee Beauty Camera
  • Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro
  • Grass Beauty Camera
  • Ele Beauty Camera
  • Flower Beauty Camera
  • Best Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Orange Camera
  • Sunny Beauty Camera
  • Pro Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Selfie Beauty Camera Pro
  • Elegant Beauty Cam-2019

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