July 29, 2021
health care records breached

Over 32 Million Patients’ Health Records have been Breached so Far this Year, more than Doubling 2018

Over 32 million health care records have been breached in the first half of this year, more than double the number in all of 2018…

More than 32 million patient health care records have been hacked between January and June. This represents a substantial increase over 2018, when about 15 million were breached during all twelve months.

32 Million+ Patients’ Health Records Hacked between January and June of 2019

Healthcare analytics firm Protenus  states the number of disclosed incidents increased to 285 in the first 6 months of the year. Worse, the longstanding trend of at least one health data breach per day shows absolutely no sign of slowing down.

Protenus’ 2019 Mid-Year Breach Barometer Report reveals 60 percent of all compromises were due to hacking. This includes the single-largest incident, in which hackers broken into a medical collections agency to steal the data of some 20 million people. Those patients all used LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics and their health information was put on the dark web for sale.

By comparison, the problem is growing worse. Only a few years ago, researchers reported the breach of 29 million patient records over the course of four years. Now, it’s about three million more and just over a six month period.

The report comes just a day after Capital One bank revealed its own data breach affected as many as 106 million customers.

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