July 28, 2021
4 New YouTube Music Mix Playlists Rolling Out

YouTube Music Quietly Added Four New Mix Playlists and They’re becoming More Widely Available

YouTube Music recently expanded its mix playlists last month and now, more listeners are beginning to see the titles on the mobile app…

By now, everyone using Google Play Music should know about its impending shut down sometime later this year. Its replacement YouTube Music, keeps gaining new features in order to make it a smooth transition. One of the latest is the addition of four new mix playlists. These were integrated last month, but very few people had access. Now, they are becoming more widely available.

4 New YouTube Music Mix Playlists Rolling Out

The four new YouTube Music mix playlists — Chill mix, Energy mix, Focus mix, and Workout mix — are personalized and tracks are refreshed weekly on Mondays. Of course, not everyone on YouTube Music will immediately see them. But, they are definitely becoming more accessible.

Another couple of recent additions to YouTube Music brought swipe between tracks and the ability to start playback right from the album art. All of these are intended to bring YouTube Music up to par with Google Play Music. That’s important because loyal GPM listeners aren’t exactly switching over early. In fact, Google has released a transfer tool. (However, it isn’t open to everyone just yet.)

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